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Here is my new version of the eximius refit. Cloaking device now included! It has two slipstream drives, and enhanced sensors. I need som...


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Here is my new version of the eximius refit. Cloaking device now included! It has two slipstream drives, and enhanced sensors. I need some help doing phasers on the next version and for a big mod I'm planning. If interested, please contact me. Also, torpedos are mostly fixed.

Note to author: in future readmes add a link to your required files, some people might have a problem finding them -tiq-

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Download 'eximius_refit_2.5.zip' (30KB)

This modification/addon used Cleeve;s Eximius class from staryards.com .  Used USS Soveriegn;s tutorial on how to equip slipstream drive to ships and his Slipstream Framework. See credits and BC_Eximius Class.txt for full credits.
Title:  Eximius Refit Version:  Beta 2.5
Author:  Jason Burn BC username:  Jaydinator
Used mpe to edit the ship.
Original Eximius Readme included
October 26, 2008

This is still not the final version but it works very well. 
Eventually I may add more to the description as well.
This requires USS Soveriegn;s Slipstream Framework to work.
Also needs KM 1.0, not tested with the original eximius file.
Do not know if it would work with the original eximius standalone dl+foundation without KM1.0, but it might.

Changes for 2.0 beta:
    Torpedoes are better; can be fired in dual mode or single; Quantum and Photon
    Armour has been modified slightly, moved around a bit and changed radius.
    Has a cloaking device, I thought that it looked like it should have stealth capabilities, and that eventually the Federation would start using cloaking technology finally.  They did in the books, so why not here?
    Has two slipstream drives instead of one.
    Download needs only one script file now, game adjusts other scripts after 2.0 is used.
    Sensors are weaker than in 1.0, but still stronger than original eximius.
Test the changes I made and tell me what changes you liked and what you didn;t  like, if there is anything from 1.0 that you think should be included still.

Glitches:  none known, but torpedoes are different still from original, though this may be a good thing.  If its not, tell me how to fix it, because I don;t know why they are getting changed.
Overwrites original hps and all pyc and py files associated with the eximius.  Backup these files if you want to be able to revert back.

Again, tell me what changes should be made and I will consider it.
No one gave me feedback really last time, so please do this time. I am looking for someone who can do phaser hps because I am making a weapons upgrade in the next version but I am struggling at creating the phasers.
Also, I intend to make this a part of a mod pack im working on, my goal is to eventually make something on the scale of the Kobayashi Maru Mod, and I need help.  If anyone is at all interested, contact me.

Do not use in your own publication until you have permission from first Cleeve than me.  Its originally his, so I can;t say yes unless he has said yes.

Directions:  Simply place in 
C:Program FilesActivisionBridge Commander-scripts-ships-Hardpoints or if the game isn;t in program files or using a different drive then:
Your Hard Drive Letter;Location of Activision Directory or BC if no Activision-Bridge Commander-scripts-hardpoints

I would have made it easier to install by creating a folder, or having it extract to the right directory, but not everyone;s directory is the same.  Any problems, ask me about them.

Read credits.txt and BC_Eximius class.txt for credits and copyright.

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