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Favor the bold has been released to the community as an unfinished alpha mod. All the BC modders on the trek mods team have abandond the pro...


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Favor the bold has been released to the community as an unfinished alpha mod. All the BC modders on the trek mods team have abandond the project and requests for help largely ignored, so the mod is here for the community to fix. All the ships should work, however it is unsupported. If you find a problem and can fix it, submit it to BCU and if the patch doesn't cause more issues than it will apepar here as a fix. There is a buglist as well, if u want to help fix those.

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Download 'ftb_final_alpha0_1.rar' (122.28MB)

Trekmods.com presents FAVOR THE BOLD
A Bridge Commander Mod

Version Alpha_0.1

Favor the Bold is a total conversion project for Bridge Commander. The team doing this is the SoA (Sacrifice of Angels) team from Homeworld http://www.trekmods.com.
Our intention was to replace most, if not all ships in game with our own versions, and add many more mainly from the time period covered during the Dominion War. We also hoped to possibly create a new single player storyline, and introduce several new bridges. Also on our list of things to do, are new sounds, more weapon effects, and any gameplay enhancements we can come up with.


Unzip this to your Bridge Commander folder. Make sure you have 'use folder names' checked when extracting.  If you have an already-existing installation of the Foundation, you'll want to back up your scripts\Plugins\Plugins.py and edit its import lines back in after installing this pack, either with a text editor or with NanoByte's GUI tool at:


DO NOT USE the .bat files. They were only included to make the mod complete, but they do not work on my system. They may or may not work on yours. Use at your own risk if you do.

** Credits **

Much effort went into the creation of this mod. It was a true Team effort and no one single person can claim sole credit so i will list the whole team, and those who helped.

The Trekmod Team:

Dolphoenix: Project lead, and modeller
Dasher42: Code Monkey elite. without him there would be no FTB mod.
Howader: Modeller.
Redragon: Modeller, and texture artist, webmaster of Trekmods.com.
Capt Pierce: Our resident "Voice of Doom" hehehe. Scripter, Playtester, and Storyteller.
Vorlon: Texture artist.
Thomas The cat: Texture artist.
The Stress Puppy: Project lead, Modeller, and Texture artist.
The one named Viper: Playtester, and texture artist.

Also thanks for those who assisted us in getting this mod FINALLY released.

Digital Underground Team

DarkDrone: For Converting many models to BC format.
Darkshimmer: for advise
DarkThunder: For re-importing some of the missing mesh's

Thanks go to Mleodaedler: for fixing some code issues, and helping as much as he could.


Foundation system by Dasher42 with snippets based on Banbury's work.

Multi-targetting and ship launching by Sleight42.

Thanks to Laurelin for her helpful advice at many stages of development.

This is the Final Alpha build of Favor the Bold. There are still many issues, and there are some models listed in Quick Battle, but that have no mesh's. See the Bug List.txt to see all the known issues we have. I have included dasher42's To do list, and Foundation read me for information. 

What started as a simple mod for BC to include Star Trek: Homeworld ships turned into a monster of a mod. It was never finished. Dolphoenix, and Dasher42 both left The trekmod team. The mod sat and gathered dust for a long time, because there is no one left on our team that can mod BC.

Favor the Bold is now an "Open" Alpha. Meaning that the BC community has open permission to Fix whatever issue they encounter with the mod, and re-import any ship thats missing from the lineup. The Trekmod team cannot support the mod. We have neither the time, the manpower, or the knowlege to finish the mod off. Understand that the mod is still an early alpha so use at your own risk. I enjoyed playing the mod flaws and all :)

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