Federation Wallpaper Pack 2

a hand full of pics of federation ships old and new there 35 pics in this file herndon high school


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a hand full of pics of federation ships old and new there 35 pics in this file

herndon high school

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This wallpaper pack consists of 35 Federation wallpapers. The wallpapers were made by screenshots of the ships ingame in BC. I will be releasing more packs consisting of other races, but for now, 
this is soley fed screenies. I hope you enjoy.

To install, just extract whichever screenshot/wallpaper you want as your background for your desktop to where ever you want.
Then, right click it and select "Set as deskot background" and voila, you have a new background.

				     *INFO ON AUTHOR*
IMPORTANT: Some of the ships included in the pictures, were not orignally in the game Bridge Commander, but by other
talented authors. Sadly, none of those talented authors contains me. So I confess, NONE of the ships in these screenies were
made by me....NONE. 
This wallpaper took about 2 hours. It was constructed by me, FireFly_194. If you have any questions or comments, e-mail me
at pawaite@mindspring.com .

				     *OTHER INFO*
All in all, all the wallpapers combined comes out ot be around 4.07 MBs. They are all in .jpg format. 
		Here is a list of all the ships that have been wallpapered:

1. Sovereign (Alpha Fleet)
2. Akira (Alpha Fleet)
3. ZetaFlyer (Alpha Fleet)
4. Akira
5. Enterprise (NX-01)
6. Enterprise (NCC-1701)
7. Enterprise (NCC-1701-A)
8. Enterprise (NCC-1701-B)
9. Enterprise (NCC-1701-C)
10. Enterprise (NCC-1701-D)
11. Enterprise (NCC-1701-E)
12. Enterprise (NCC-1701-F)
13. Blitzkrieg
14. Centaur
15. Defiant
16. Excaliber
17. Intrepid
18. Reliant
19. Nebula
20. New Orleans
21. Oberth
22. Saber
23. Crusade-B
24. Excelsior
25. Araxes
26. Baker
28. Churchill
29. DarkStar
20. DeltaFlyer
31. Norway
32. Prometheus
33. Repair Shuttle
34. Shuttle
35. Fed Transport 
		Thats all folks. I hope you love it and look for more packs to soon be released!

							    ( pawaite@mindspring.com )

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