Fighter Launchable B5 Station



Presenting the Fighter launchable Babylon5 Station_V2

there are some required ships [so Best read the readme ] this was used in Kobayashi Maru 1.0

there is some Important, details, in the readme

The Author says "This WILL overwrite version 1 , so don't forget to remove the pyc files in scripts/custom/ships , and, in scripts/ships , and lastly in scripts/ships/hardpoints" if you have version 1



Fighter launchable Babylon5 Station_v2
I have Always liked this Station, and it is lower ended computer friendly, some folks still use them

This WILL overwrite version 1 , so don't forget to remove the pyc files
in scripts/custom/ships , and, in scripts/ships , and lastly in scripts/ships/hardpoints

******************* required ********************************
fighters used 

   [ before you copy the folders, rename icon  to icons ]in data -folder 



===================== Credits ==========================
Thank you Taledin games for making Bridge Commander possible and
For the Patch that we use (1.1)

and Dasher42 for his Foundation mod that allows us to add more ships
  (the foundation comes bcmi )

Nanobyte, Nightsoft for BCMP an BCMI
USS Sovereign for BCSMC 

shuttle Launching Framework originally by Evan Light aka sleight42

original B5Station by Brad Bowermaster {I just got to HardPoint it}

thanks to the KM-team for Kobayashi Maru 1.0 [km1 full]
and thanks to 9thDawg , telling me about the launch bays

and thanks cordanilus for the Help , with getting it to damage right

beta testers : MScott  cordanilus

And a Large thanks for the fighters
Thunderbolt Mesh- Wok - Hardpoints -TiqHud
Aurora Class Mesh - Crook - Hardpoints - MadJohn

orginally HardPointed by TIQHUD, and also Re-HardPointed by TiqHud to make shuttle capable

used in Kobayashi Maru 1.0 {I am not sure if it will work with the regular shuttle launch framework, not in KM install]

this ZIP, contains the extra pluggins, required, DO Not Delete them

A Sovereign sure, didn't stand-up very long [about 30 seconds], to an assualt [10] by Thunderbolts
the fighter group numbers are less than listed on some web-sites


If you wish to use the files included in this modship, to create your own modsships , then you are free to do so.
 You are also free to publically release the files on the condition that you include a credit to the original makers.
 (especially them), and towards the assembler, me (TiqHud) .

  You do not have to ask permission to release a personal modification of this mod [I only HardPonted the ship]

======== To Install the ship(s) ================================================
Just UnZip the file into a Temp. folder and cut & paste the contents into 
the Bridge Commander folder...

email: tiqhud [at] gmail [dot] com   (Please email me if you have troubles)  , or PMed at BCC , BCS:TNG , SBP07

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