Firebird (Prometheus) - NCC 74919

Here is the Firebird, a retexture of the Lord Bile's Prometheus Class including a new registry to be used in game. This ship is heavily arm...


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Here is the Firebird, a retexture of the Lord Bile's Prometheus Class including a new registry to be used in game. This ship is heavily armed (as expected to be), as it has numerous phaser arrays and is capable of firing upto four torpeodes forward or aft. The Firebird is armed with both phased plasma (default) and quantum torpedoes which can do a lot of damage to most other ships.

The Firebird does not come with Multi Vector Assault Mode (MVAM), but is more than a match for the heavy cruiser range of the TNG Period, this ship is possibly a match for the Dominion Warship.

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Download '' (2.64MB)

here is a Ship of Region Three, which is a part of Star Fleet International Fan Association.

Assembeled by  Captain B Chapman of the USS Tejas NCC-9756 (screenname TiqHud)
 Assigned to Region Three , as of date 2006.05.25.1010 and what was listed at that time

email: tiqhud [at] gmail [dot] com

Some of the ships of the region I could Not

I tried to go through the Hardpoints and reduce most of the fire power, to where the ships 
use only the weapons\engines that come in-game (with exception of Laredo, ArkAngel, PaloDuro, Firebird, PantherCity, AuroaVulcanus, Rhyanna, Renaissance,)

******************* required ********************************
stbc_patch.exe  (;2374 
the foundation which is in BCMI _ BCMP

(( the JoanOfArc, SpiritWolf, (mostly the) Tejas and LoneStar are rather large ships and as such require more of the memory used by the game so use sparingly ))

{each Part will work well by itself after they are only ships)

****************used but not required **********************   (;26555

===================== Credits ==========================
Thank you Taledin games for making Bridge Commander possible and
For the Patch that we use (1.1)

and Dasher42 for his Foundation mod that allows us to add all these ships
  (the foundation comes in the bcmi and\or bcmp )

Nanobyte, Nightsoft for BCMI an BCMP
  sneaker98 for MVAM 

beta testers:   Wiley Coyote 
                Lord Malek
===   ===   ===   ===   ===   ===   ===   ===   ===
Orginal textures and Hardpoints

Durandal, Andril, Gafy, Firesaber, Starforce Productions, TiqHud, Laurelin, Nanobyte,
Inglo, Mike Prodanovski, The BC community, the folks at Bridge Commander Universe,
Darkdrone, SovereignII,  Cpt.2Extreme, Magic, Gtea, BlackVoid, Sector 001,
Executioner_de, elminster, Matsch-Klon, Wes Jansen, longisland26

=======================  Credits =======================================

Some of the retextures( ship registeries) were 
done by 
CaptainFleming - Tejas, LoneStar
Lord Malek - Ark Angel
Wiley Coyote -, PaloDuro, Firebird, PantherCity, AuroaVulcanus, Rhyanna, Renaissance, 
                    Victory, Thunderwolf, Bexar, Joan of Ark, Spiritwolf, Laredo

                      Orginal Ships
Surya-stresspuppy                         Miranda-p81 (aka.rick knox)
Galaxy- Talliden\P81          GalaxyXX-Mars STaryards\SovereignII       
NX01-BC Mod team                         Prometheus-Lord Bile                      Prometheus-Nixon-Gtea                    Starbase329-Longisland26                  
Sparta-Starforce Productions             Akira- Talliden\P81 (aka.rick knox)
Defiant- P81\9 of 9                 New Orleans- LC Amaral\Legacy


If you wish to use the files included in this mod to create your own mods, 
then you are free to do so. You are also free to publically release the files 
on the condition that you include a credit to the original makers. (espacially them)
and towards the assembler, me (TiqHud) .

 You do not have to ask permission to release a personal modification of this mod.

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