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Sick of Saffi? Why not throw her out the airlock, and replacer her with Jadzia dax from Ds9? She's still annnoying, but atleast she's cute!:...


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Sick of Saffi? Why not throw her out the airlock, and replacer her with Jadzia dax from Ds9? She's still annnoying, but atleast she's cute!:D

This one really does look like dax, and the quality of the face and what not is about the same level as the ones that came with the game.

PS: Read the legal disclaimer in the read me, good for a laugh.

Made by "rebecca95631"

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Jadzia Dax-Saffi Larson Replacement files
TGA files by R.A. Reflex 2002 NIF file(s) by activision themselves I guess
but this file is all me unless I have to give microsoft credit for making windows, and putting notepad on it and the companies that made the programs I used to make the TGA files too, I guess I should cover my arse huh?


ok, it's pretty easy, no plug in systems required, no PY files to replace, this just replaces the ever annoying Saffi with a still annoying but much cuter Jadzia Dax.

1. download the bloody thing, as you're reading this you've probably done that so I'll move to

2.unzip the files, again much like step one since you're reading this you've already done that, unless you're using magic, in which case you have a very unfair advantage, and probably wouldn't need to have downloaded this in the first place, you could've done all the work with a spell or two so I'll move right on to

3. ok now you actually have to do something you may not have already. ready? ok, open the folder named Jadzia, copy the data folder, paste it into your bridge commander directory, which, unless you have your files arrange in a most unusual fashion should be in C:\programfiles\activistion\bridgecommander
the computer will probably tell you something along the lines of "data (or whatever) folder already exists, do you wish to replace with this, doing so may blah blah blah, hit yes to all, and let it do it's thang.

4.having done all the previous steps, saffi should now at least look like Jadzia, I'm working now on collecting appropriate sound clips so she'll sound like her too.
thats it, you're done boy and or girl and or rough gender equivilant of your respective species.

boring legalese

this replacement aint official activision or paramount ware blah blah blah, installing is on your head, we're a huge company we don't care too much if you screw up your computer with this it's not our fault, you should read the fine print, wherein the party of the first part agrees that the party of the second part agrees to disagree that we may or may not be carbon based life forms, are you actually reading this? damn, install the friggen replacement and go see what it looks like already! I'm just saying, I'm not affiliated with activision or paramount or any of those companies' pals, buddies, subsidiearies, shifty silent partners, eniemies, allies, the CIA, the FBI, the ATF(although they get all the fun), interpol, any police or law enforcement agency, I do not intend this to be shipped to any countries the USA or it's allies have embargoed, as if I'm some spy and my TGA files are going to give China and North Korea just the edge they need to take over the world. I know this damn part is tounge in cheek but somehow my paranoid mind knows that it'll one day come back to haunt me and I'll be put in a federal prison with a very large angry indivudual who thinks I'm too 'purdy'. this legal crap is supposed to protect my ass, the company/companies who made bridge commanders ass, their employees and any nazi war criminals they may be harboring from the isreali war tribunal, hey I have no idea whats really in these legal documents we have to read and agree to, I mean really, have YOU ever actually read an entire one? for all I know I've sold my soul one thousand times over. all this writing is basically to take up space, since installing the replacemet should be really really easy, unless I messed up in zipping it or you in unzipping and installing. or the aliens that abduct ignorant farmers and probe them aliens decided to send beams down and mess everything up. I can't discount possible divine intervention either, I mean, Odin may be really pissed off no one has been praying to him or having battles in his name for the last 500 years and decided to mess it up for everyone who thinks Saffi is annoying and would rather be berated and get ther ships taken away at every turn by Jadzia. if I missed anything I will know when I'm taken out and shot in some dark forest for missing it in the first place. naa, I 'm not really paranoid I just thought the actual instalation instructions were a bit brief, I mean it is easy, so after seeing other people put these legal warnings in thier mods and replacements I figured what the hell? I'll just type in some ridiculous nonsuch and hope no one has enough time to waste to actually read this drivvel.

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