Flowrellik's Ship Pack with Hardpoints

Rellik's Starship Pack with HP.zip


Klingon L13K, Federation Ares Class, Federation TexasOCL



Rel's Suprise Ship Pack now Has Hardpoints!

A Very special heartfelt thanks goes to Flowrellik for creating these three beautiful models.

- Ares Class - TOS era Federation cruiser designed by Alec Peters for the fan film 'Axanar'
- TexasOCL - A TOS era vessel designed for Starfleet Battles
- Klingon L13K - A Carrier type TOS Era klingon warship

Credits: Once again to Flowrellik for the models
		 CaesarGorandius - for the Hardpoints
		 Interplay (RIP) - For Star Trek Bridge Commander, I modified stock textures for all of the weapons
		 Interplay (RIP) - Also for the Fallout Franchise, not related I know, but Ave, true to Caesar (and you better pronounce it correctly!)
		 Gene Roddenberry - For his "Wagon Train to the Stars"
		 Lucille Ball and Desilu - For giving Star Trek a Chance
		 Trekcore.com - For the sounds samples I used for the weapons
Once again, Flowrellik poured his heart into these models as we fans of Star Trek love to do.

A user on discord was gracious enough to let me know I forgot to include the ship plugin for the L13K in the archive.  The updated version is currently on the Nexus.