flx_sfx_pack_v0.3.zip —


have spent many hours watching cannon Star Trek episodes and films to find the very best sfx to bring you this update of the FLX SFX Pack. I hope you enjoy using these new sfx in your games as much as I do in mine. I am quite happy with the results of this version, if the FLX SFX Pack becomes popular and is liked by the BC community, I will likely continue the project.This version of the FLX SFX Pack contains new Weapon sfx, new Explosion sfx, new Bridge sfx, new Computer Voice sfx (featuring the voice of Majel Barrett) and new Borg Communication sfx.Please note, it is very important that you read the information supplied within the Readme.txt file.All of your ratings or comments, good or bad are very much appreciated and used to improve the work of BC modders, you are all vital in the making of the future!Thank you for your time,FLX=Alecto=AO


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