Fourth Installment Damage Textures

damage_alphav0.4.zip —


fourth Damage Texture by Panzer2 (A.K.A yanlou)

our collection of damage textures is getting bigger

WARNING: this will, overwrite your existing damage texture, SO make sure you make a Back-up copy

you should like the looks of this

Author: in future, when you send a submission, make sure the componets are in the right place to be installed, many people have not yet learned the file structure for Bridge Commander



Damage Texture by Panzer2 A.K.A yanlou

Hi this is my 4th damage texture so be nice:)

known bugs: none that iv found
Tested in KM 1.0

credits: go to the Nanofx team and to anyone else i forgot

Installation instructions: Extract the Scripts and Data folders to your BC directory.

Contact details: i can be contacted through this email address: panzer68 AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk

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