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This mod gives you Torpedo firing while cloaked, a warp torpedo, so to speak, which sends your enemy flying out of control in the other...


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This mod gives you Torpedo firing while cloaked, a warp torpedo, so to speak, which sends your enemy flying out of control in the other direction, and a torpedo that actualy does ignore shields. It will damage the targeted system without touching the shields. Also improves the Armor and makes it easier to add to your ship.

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Download 'fta2.zip' (126KB)

=^= -----Future Technologies Addition Ver 2.0----- =^=


The Future Technologies Addition (FTA) is a collection of new script technologies that modders can use to make their ships and weapons do what they are supposed to do in the story line.

To install, just copy all the files and folders contained in this .zip file to your bridge commander root directory.

Requires: Defiant's QBAutostart Ver 0.6 or higher. (Be sure to activate the QBAutostart mutator ).


--------------Some examples of what can be done with FTA 2.0--------------

If you wanted to make the star trek undiscovered country's bird of prey, using FTA 2.0 you can make it actually fire torpedoes while under cloak.

If you wanted to do a chronoton torpedo (like on voyager), with FTA 2.0 you can make the torpedo actually pass through shields like the real thing, instead of making a standard torpedo that just does a bunch of damage.


Weapons included in FTA 2.0:

PoleronTorp.py --- This torpedo passes through shields and damages whatever subsystem you have it targeted at, without weakening the shields in the slightest J. 
RepulsionTorp.py --- This one violently repels the ship it hits at warp speed, and sends it spinning out of control…Mwhahahahaha. 
HyperonTorp.py --- Drains all shields on the target by a percentage or a minimum value, whichever is greater. 
ChronotonTorp.py --- Passes through shields, and damages a target's hull by a percentage or minimum value, whichever is greater.
All of the above weapon's .py files include instructions on how to change their parameters (e.g. damage, repulsion force etc.).

Improvements made since Ver 1.0:

Equipping a ship with the advanced armor has been made a lot simpler. 
Ships with the armor activated will not incur any visual damage effects from weapon hits now. 
The advanced armor now gives the ship designer the ability to set the strength of the armor. 
Capability for ships to fire torpedoes while under cloak has been added. 
New, fully functional special torpedoes have been added to this mod. 
All of the core files have been enhanced and streamlined for performance. 
FTA 2.0 is fully back compatible with Ver 1.0.
=^= Other Stuff =^=

written by: edtheborg

Feel free to use this mod for your mods and ships, all that ask is:

That you do not modify any this mod's core files (ScriptTorpedo.py, AdvArmorTech.py, PulseTech.py, and CloakedTorpFire.py) in any way. 
If you redistribute, or post this mod anywhere, please do so in it's original, and unmodified .zip form. 
That you enjoy using this mod J 
Would like to personally invite you to visit InTouch.org, Thanks very much.


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