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The first thing out of my mouth when seeing this mod was "swt"...This Mod includes Armour Plating, the ability to script Tor...


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The first thing out of my mouth when seeing this mod was "swt"...This Mod includes Armour Plating, the ability to script Torpedos to pass through shields, or damage a ship based on a percentage, and the ability to switch Disruptor/Pulse weapons on the fly in game. Detailed instructions are included. The only think I have to say I don't like is how the Armour Hull is implemented. It holds out until it drains your batteries dry...I'd rather have the ability to set it to a fixed amount....but don't let that stop you from downloading this! I'm definatley going to be messing with it over the next couple days myself...

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Download 'fta.zip' (82KB)

****Future Technologies Addition Ver 1.0****


The Future Technologies Addition is a collection of new technologies that modders can equip their vessels with, and can help new as well as experienced modders get their mods released faster and easier.

Installation: Just copy all the files and folders contained in the zip file to your Bridge commander root directory.

Requirements: Defiant's QBAutostart Ver 0.6 (included in this mod's .zip file)

Please look at Overview.txt for detailed descriptions of the technologies included.
Modders: Please refer to ModdingInfo.txt for info on using these technologies.

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Thanks very much...


****Future Technologies Addition Ver 1.0 Overview****

Armor Plating Technology:
The Armor Plating is available with all ships, and can be activated or deactivated in-game by the button in Felix's menu. When activated, all the ship's systems are protected from weapons, ship-ship collisions, and anything else that causes damage.

If the ship is a standard vessel, when the armor is active, all incoming damage goes to the hull, instead of the ship's systems, enabling the vessel to last quite long in a fire-fight.

If the ship's hull is named "Armored Hull", when the armor is active, then any incoming damage does not effect the vessel's hull or systems. Instead energy is drained from the main battery, allowing the ship to survive even multiple collisions without sustaining any damage. However, when the main battery drops below 5%, the armor goes offline, but can be reactivated when there is sufficient energy.

Script Torpedo Technology:
The Script Torpedo technology allows torpedo modders to put custom fire and hit scripts directly into the torpedo's .py file. Hence you can make a special torpedo (like one that disables engines for example) by writing just one file: the torpedo's .py file, and adding procedures into that file that the Script Torpedo code automatically calls when your weapon is fired, or hits a target.

* This mod includes three new torpedoes for demonstration (and using):
PhasedTorp.py:		This torpedo actually goes through shields, and directly damages a target's hull.
HyperonTorpedo.py:	Drains all shields on a target by 10% with each hit.
ChronotonTorpedo.py:	Almost like the phased torpedo, but works on a percentage instead of a fixed damage.

In-Game Disruptor Switching Technology:
This technology allows ship modders to give their vessels the ability to change the projectiles the ship's disruptors fire actually in-game (via. a button in Felix's menu). So, while engaging an enemy, you can slow them down with one type of disruptors, then switch to another type to take them out.

* This mod equips the stock Bird of prey to use it's standard disruptors, or slower but more powerful disruptors as a demonstration.

****Future Technologies Addition Ver 1.0 Modding Info****

Using the Advanced Armor:
To implement the Advanced Armor in your ships, all you have to do is name the ship's primary hull to "Armored Hull", and your ship will have the technology.

Using the In-Game Disruptor Switching:
Because this step can be somewhat complicated, included in this mod is a tool for generating the requred code :)

In the same directory as this file, there's DisruptorGen.html...double click it.

1) Enter the file name of the disruptor file you want to add without the .py extension.

2) Enter the name you want to see on the disruptor button when this disruptor is being used.

3) Click Add.

4) Repeat at steps 1 through 3 for each disruptor option you want your ship to have.

5) Select All of the text in the text field at the bottom. Right-click and select copy.

6) Now open your ship's .py file, Not the hardpoint file (e.g. BridgeCommander\Scripts\Ships\yourship.py).

7) Paste the code that you copied right at the very bottom of your ship's file.

8) Have Fun.

If you have problems:
Go over the steps above, and make sure you haven't missed anything.
Make sure all of the disruptor files you specify exist.
If problems persist, post the ships .py file you are working on along with the problem you are experiencing at the place you downloaded this mod, and either me or someone else may be able to help.

Note: There is a stock Bird of prey file included in this mod that illustrates the general look of the Disruptor-switching code, take a look at it if you have any problems.

Using the Script Torpedo support:
This mod option is for advanced modders.

The Future Technologies addition looks for two procedures in torpedo files: TargetHit(pObject, pEvent) and WeaponFired(pObject, pEvent). If it finds them:

WeaponFired(pObject, pEvent) will be called when the torpedo is fired.

TargetHit(pObject, pEvent) will be called when the torpedo hits an object.

The Future Technologies Addition calls the procedures of the torpedo Only when That torpedo was fired, or hit.

If my poor explanation was insufficient, there are three example torpedo files included, as well as a skeleton you can fill in, you might look at these to get the general idea.

* Please refer to Overview.txt for detailed descriptions of these technologies.
written by:	edtheborg

Feel free to use this mod for your mods and ships, all that ask is:

1) That you do not modify this mod's core files (ScriptTorpedo.py, AdvArmorTech.py, PulseTech.py) in any way.

2) That you include this mod's zip file unmodified and in it's entirety with all of the weapons and ships that use it... (it's so small it wont effect the download time much, and it makes things alot easier for the users).

3) If you redistribute, or post this mod anywhere, please do so in it's original, and unmodified form.

4) That you enjoy using this mod :)


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