Galaxy Bridge Re-Texture

This is a good Galaxy bridge retexture you can get it in two colors red or blue (Snapshot). Personally I like the blue better, but the re...


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This is a good Galaxy bridge retexture you can get it in two colors red or blue (Snapshot).

Personally I like the blue better, but the read is okay.

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Readme file for Neghvar Hardpoint update + Improved Super Heavy Disruptor
Created by: Chin-Tok

File discription:
This file changes the Galaxy Glass Bridge Textures. Their are two versions of the mod, a blue bridge and a red bridge!
So take whichever suits you. I thought that the Galaxy Class Bridge in the game was a very poor representation of the
real Galaxy Bridge, so I made some changes. I thought the red version would be for Battleship Galaxies and the blue for
science explorer vessels. I'm sorry but the update only supports HIGH texture settings!

-Completely new LCARS screens on consoles, textures have been resized for more detail. LCars textures are much more realistic
and have sovereign era colours.
-The roof texture has been redone so that when you look at the black hole above you now shows a starmap, stars above your
head like it should be.
-The chairs on the bridge have been given a different colour, blue/grey on the blue bridge and dark grey on the red brigde.
-The carpets have been redone, they have a textured look, also the colours are now blue/darker red and dark grey.
-The lights under the consoles on the exec and advisor side of the bridge have been made to fit the bridge, blue an red yes
you guessed correct!
-The panels at the back of the bridge have been given a darker colour and have been sharpened out.
-The wood has been made darker and given a new texture.
-Turbolift labels have been redone and you can actually read what it says now!!

File installation:
Copy the HIGH folder to your: Bridge Commander\Data\Models\Sets\DBridge folder.
The choose between the blue and red bridge, red is default, rename the files Map21a/18a/8a/25a to Map21/18 etc. make sure
you don't overwrite the files for the red bridge. Well thats about it! I definitely thought it was a major improvement!

Start the game and Enjoy!!

Any questions or fanmail!! can be mailed to

I hope you enjoy the mod! I certainly did!

  > <

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