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Once in a while you will have a Mod come along that will change your entire perception of Bridge Commander. This new effort by USS_Frontier...


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Once in a while you will have a Mod come along that will change your entire perception of Bridge Commander. This new effort by USS_Frontier called Galaxy Charts. Will forever change your view of Quick battle as you know it.

This modification opens up the system maps and the way you warp in Bridge Commander! Allowing the player freedom of choice, in setting up combat scenarios. Galaxy Charts brings an SFC2 flavor to Bridge Commander. Now you can set up real distances, and create Empires designating which systems they control. And assign a Random Defence Force (RDF) to protect the controlling Empire's assets. You will need BC 1.1 Patch, and United Main Menu. The [UMM] functions make Galaxy Charts more customizable to the player's tastes. And is "Highly Recommended".

Everything about the Galaxy Charts mod is impressive. From the visual graphic interface of the Milky Way Galaxy and established grid lines. To the way you Warp, showing the customized and ambient lighting while warping. Giving the ship model in Warp-flight a more canon and authentic look. Also, with the use of [UMM], you the player can get rid of the annoying display text normally visible while warping. Controlled the variations of Warp streaks. And now you can drop out of warp into open space. Enemy A.I.'s will not only follow you threw warp, but attack you en route to your destination. Which you can now alter your course and destination mid-flight.

You will also get comprehensive information and scientific data analysis about each Star system you enter. Displayed on a distinctive LCARS interface. And this information can be customized by the player. With two utilities included too create system and region plug in scripts to your design. The Galaxy Chart's functions are controllable under both the Helm and Science menus with the button called "Stellar Cartography". So, get ready to establish your Neutral Zones, creating Empires with Political and Economic power base in the expanded Galaxy!

Definitely Download Worthy!

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Download 'galaxycharts_v1.0.rar' (3.19MB)


Galaxy Charts v.1.0

by USS Frontier


Brief Features List

- Organization of BC's star-systems into a Galaxy. With real distances and so. ( by using a systems plugin, and more on this later)

- A Galaxy Map interface in game which has the features:

- lets you see a map of the galaxy, with all the star-systems in your install.
- shows their names, if the user wants so.
- dynamic, and optional, grid divides the galaxy into sectors.
- accessible from the Helm menu and from the Science menu, thru the button "Stellar Cartography".
- enables selection of your destination by clicking in one of the region in the map.
- shows time you'll need to travel from your location to your destination.
- 'shortcut' button to open the Warp Speed Selector Window, in which you select your warp speed and can see the cruise and max warp speeds of your ship.
- and more!

- A System Analysis interface in-game, which has the features:

- lets you see a complete analysis of your selected destination system and it's contained sets or the system you're on now, depending of your distance to it, and the power of the sensor system of your ship.
- Some examples of the information shown are: controlling empire of the system, description, contained sets, strategical importance and economical importance of each set, and many more!
- accessible from the button 'System Analysis', in the Galaxy Map.

- New, improved, more canon, Warp travel system, with things like:

-full warp battle allowed (all weapons).
- able to tow a ship thru warp.
- able to change destination while warping.
- able to change warp speed while warping.
- ETA (estimated time to arrival) is based on warp speed and distance to destination.
- dropping out of warp, anywhere is possible (for player AND AI ships). Done thru the button "Drop Out of Warp" in the Galaxy Map.
- dynamic star streaks (user can change their attributes, like speed, distance and more, in Galaxy Chart's UMM configuration menu)
- improving warping in and warping out GFX sequences.
- and more!

- New "Warping" AI's (mainly to be compatible with new warp travel systems), so AI ships will still follow you, or their target, thru warp.

- New System Plugin system, which allows extensive information about a system and it's sets to be configured, like description, location in the Galaxy and many more!

- New Race Plugin, which allows extensive information about a race to be configured.

- New Era Plugin system, which allows the configuration of a era in BC, which will them overwrite System and Race plugin values, to match the ear in which the user has selected. The User can select the era going to the "Era Selection" UMM menu, and selecting one of the era plugins that are listed there.

- A Chronological Info interface in-game, accessible from the science menu, which allows the user to see the description of the currently selected era.

- Random Defence Force (RDF) feature, which makes a race defend it's territories if they are invaded by a ship belonging to an enemy race. Waves of ships will warp into the system that is invaded to defend it. Highly configurable thru Galaxy Charts UMM configurable menu.

- New In-System Warp system: now all ships, when trying to intercept a target which is more than 900 kilometers away, will enter a low-warp speed inside the system (including the warp effects) which is about 6 times faster than normal intercept speed. After passing the 900km distance, ships will disengage in-system warp and proceed at normal intercept speed towards the target, until reaching a distance of 50km.

- High user customization possible, for various areas of the mod, using UMM (Unified Main Menu modification)

- Includes a modified version of the mod CWS 2 (Change Warp Speed 2), used to select your ship's warp speed.

For more, complete information:
Read the 'Full Readme'; document, included in this mod. it is a 18 page long document, detailing all aspects of this mod, such as features, installation notes, requirements and more.

- Bridge Commander Patch 1.1 is required.
Download link:;2374

- Foundation is required.
Foundation is base of modding BC, it is the mod which enables mods. Foundation is installed by 2 programs, Bridge Commander mod Packer (BCMP) or Bridge Commander Mod Installer (BCMI, is which believed to have the latest Foundation version):

BCMI download link:;10490
BCMP download link:;4171

After installing one of these programs, when running it and determining the location of your Bridge Commander installation directory, they should detect if Foundation is installed, and if it is not installed, they will ask you if they can install it for you, so choose yes.

- United Main Menu (UMM), is optional, and highly recommended.
UMM allows the user to easily configure various parts of this mod in the game's main menu configuration pane. Download link for UMM:;56343

Note that the mod-pack Kobayashi Maru 1 (in short: KM!), contains both of these requirements (Foundation and UMM).

Installation Notes
Before installing the mod, install the 2 required requirements (BC 1.1 patch and Foundation, at this exact order), mentioned above in the 'Requirements'. The optional requirement, Unified Main Menu, can be installed later without problems.

This mod overwrites key scripts of GravityFX (by me), CWS 2 (Change Warp Speed 2, by USS Sovereign) and Distress Signal (by Defiant) So, in other words, besides installing the requirements, install this mod AFTER installing.

- GravityFX
- CWS2
- Distress Signal (or the KM mod)
OR, if you're also use the mod-pack Kobayashi Maru 1.0, just install this after installing it.

then install this mod, using 1 one the 2 possible ways:

- Automatically, by running the 'GalaxyCharts v1.10 Setup.exe' file located in the "Automatic Installation" folder in the mod's pack. When asked for the installation directory, select the folder of your Bridge Commander installation.

- Manually, by extracting the files, copying and pasting the contents of the folder "Manual Installation" folder of this mod's pack, to your BC directory (overwrite all if Windows ask it).

it's also recommended that you have GravityFX, You will install this mod as well, because it has a few fixes for GravityFX. Finally, after installing everything, turn on the mutator 'USS Frontier's Galaxy Chart's' in the Mutator menu.

Bugs/Known Problems
This mod was initially mainly tested in KM 0.9.1, with no problems.
Then, testing in KM1 also showed no problems.
The Beta testers also tested in other modded BC installs, and all problems reported were fixed.

Contact me either by PM or by posting in the Galaxy Charts forum over at BCS:TNG forums (link: the Galaxy Charts forum is a child forum of the Final Frontier Production forum, which contains all my projects. Direct link to the Galaxy Charts forum:,53.0.html

For support relating to this mod, go over the child Galaxy Charts Tech Support sub-forum, in the Galaxy Charts forum, mentioned above.

- Lost_Jedi for letting me use, modify and distribute the LibStarstreaks script.
- USS_Sovereign for letting me use, modify and distribute CWS 2.0
- Rob Archer for the formula which calculates warp speed in kilometers, for some links/images of the "star trek galaxy' maps, and various System Plugins.
- BCS:TNG for the forum dedicated to my mods in the BCS:TNG forum.
- Nighthawk for tweaking the milky way image.
- Defiant for the Distress Signal and AddShip mods (the Races scripts).
- Dasher42 for Foundation.
- JimmyB76 for recommending the beta testers that helped beta test this mod.
- The Beta Testers:
- The Stig, AndrewJ, Blackrook32, EvilGrizz, FekLeyr Targ, jb06, Nebula, Shinzon and JimmyB76
- FekLeyr Targ for the Tholian race plugin, and for the CJones system plugin.
- To all those people who gave ideals and comments over at the forums.
- And finally, to you, user, for downloading and using this mod!


Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager
and related properties are Registered Trademarks of Paramount Pictures
registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
All original designs are copyright  (c) Paramount Pictures.
No infringement of Paramount's copyrights is intended.

All files in this .rar are for personal use only and cannot be brought or sold. they also cannot be modified or released in any way without the Author's permission.

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