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Did you ever get the feeling that the Galaxy class ship was too weak in the game? Well, here is the GALAXY II, which features enhanced ph...


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Did you ever get the feeling that the Galaxy class ship was too weak in the game? Well, here is the GALAXY II, which features enhanced phaser power, added torpedo launcher armor, enhanced shields, and the new advanced photon torpedo, all created by Starfleet in response to the DOMINION WAR.

This mod features its own icon in the quickbattle menu and is a SEPERATE and unique ship that does not replace anything. This mod is a "Totally Games Balanced" ship, meaning that it is balanced against the ships that came with the game.

A fun ship to master (follow the TACTICS section in the game!), this is good one to check out if you didn't like the balance of the original Galaxy Class. Easy to install, worth the time!

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by OptimusPrimeX

Mod tested with BC-MOD PACKAGER 2.8 and Foundation-03312002b.  Please make sure you are using these versions.  The links for these mod packs are below.


This is NOT a super ship mod, but a commone sense upgrade to the original Galaxy class in the game.

I personally felt that the Totally Games version of the ship was too weak, so I've created a refitted version.  This cersion of the Galaxy class features increased shield power, increased phaser power, additional torpedo launcher armor, and an optional load of the Advanced Photon Torpedo.  

In order to take full advantage of the upgrades, you will need a good use of efficient TACTICS!  Although this version is more powerful, you may have to change your playing style of the original Galaxy slightly to take full advantage.  Read the tactics section of the quickbattle menu for more info.

Have Fun!

Installation - THE PLUGIN SYSTEMS ARE CONSTANTLY UPDATED.  These installation instructions MIGHT be out of date, please post at and we will post an update.  

1.  This mod uses the Foundation plugin system.  If you do not have it, get it here:

Copy the SCRIPTS folder from the Foundation zip file into your BRIDGE COMMANDER directory.  Windows will state that "this folder name already exists....etc." Just click yes. 

2.  You will also need the the BC-Mod Packager if you want the ship to have its own icon and description in the quick battle menu. This can be can be found here:

Install it.

3.  Just copy the DATA folder and the SCRIPTS folder from this zip into your BRIDGE COMMANDER folder.  Windows should say something similar to: "a folder with this name already exists...."  Just click yes.

In your BRIDGE COMMANDER folder, go into SCRIPTS, then PLUGINS, then CUSTOM.  Open CUSTOM.PY with notepad and add the following line at the bottom without quotations: "import GalaxyII"

Now copy the BC-MOD PACKAGER folder from this zip file to the directory where you installed BC-Mod Packager.

4.  If you ran the game now, the ship name will be "???" in the quick battle menu.  Run BC-Mod Packager.

5.  Up at the top, click on the "TGL Tools" toolbar, and select "Update Game's TGL."  Click on "GalaxyII.TGL" and click update game.

6. GO HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!


This software is provided as-is, and the author (James Reynolds) makes 
No guarantee of the performance of this software, its security, compatibility, 
safety, or usefulness, and cannot be held liable for any consequence of this 
Software's use.

Permission is given to modify or distribute the accompanying files as a 
Component of Bridge Commander under the terms of the Activision SDK license 
With the following provisions:

1.  This readme file shall be included in any distribution, and credit given in
any work which incorporates this package's files,

2.  Any changes to the .PY files included in this distribution that does not 
Incorporate Activision material shall be included as source code per the terms of 
The Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL), where this does not violate the terms of 
The Activision SDK license,

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