Galaxy Pack

galaxypack.rar —


This is a Galaxy Pack. That included the Starships Venture, Dauntless and San Francisco. Using P81's Galaxy Class model. The Hardpoints have been updated and new Photon Torpedos with Sound effects were added. Thes new additions will not overwrite any P81 model you may have in your install.



Programmer:               Captain Bryan (CaptainCook / CaptainRussell)


-Bridge Commander


-? MB of uncompressed Hard drive space


                    In this Second Galaxy-class pack are three famous Galaxy-class starships: the USS Venture, the USS San Fransisco, and the USS Dauntless. All three ships have appropriate registries an share an updated Hardpoint file, and all based off of P81's Galaxy-class. New photons and sound effects were also included. This will not overwrite P81's Galaxy-class if you have it, and will not overwrite any hardpoints or other Galaxy-class starships that you might have.


                    Extract the RAR file somewhere else and cut/ copy and paste "data", "scripts" and "sfx" folder into your "Bridge Commander" folder. Use BCMP to plug the ships into the game.

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