Galaxy Re-Texture



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Another new skin, this time from Lorik which is known for other mods on this site. This time he has taken the time to make us a new Galaxy skin. It is slightly more detailed than the current ones in Bridge Commander, so for them eye candy peeps get the skin now.

Nice little skin, impressed with all his work so far.



           Star Trek Bridge Commander

Title		: Galaxy Class Textures
Date		: 17-03-2002
Files		: data folder, this readme, screenshots01-08
Author		: Lorik
Email Address	: [email protected]
Description	: New more detailed textures for Galaxy Class vessels
Other  Works	: Nebula Bridge, DS9/Voy-Uniforms, TNG-Uniforms, Torpedo Sounds
Future Works	: mods for Bridge Commander
Homepage	: none yet


* Construction *

Base		: original Bridge Commander files, Star Trek in Sound & Vision (pictures)
Editor(s) used	: PhotoImpact 6
Known Bugs	: none
Build Time	: about 7 hours

* Installation *
Extract the data folder to your path, where you installed Bridge Commander

* Special Thanks *
to www.stinsv.com, the best source for ST related sounds&pics
to my mod group, located at dynamic4.gamespy.com/~fgx
to bcomm.startrekgames.cz, www.bcfiles.com & www.groundbc.com for hosting my files,
to all of you having downloaded my files and for reading this, and
Activision & Totally Games for creating such a fantastic game

* Copyright / Permissions *

This zip-file cannot be distributed without the permission of the author in all kind
of media. The packet must remain as it is without dropping out any files, including
this document. The author reserves all rights to ask the distributor to remove the
program from distribution.
It's not allowed to use this as source [modifyed or not] in your own work without the 
explicite permission!

* Disclaimer *
This zip-file is provided "as is" with no warranties expressed or implied. The author
will not be held responsible for any losses incurred, either directly or indirectly
by the use of this program.

* Note *

Have fun.


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