Generations Galaxy Bridge

This is a revamp of the Galaxy bridge to make it look like the bridge from "Generations"

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This is a revamp of the Galaxy bridge to make it look like the bridge from "Generations"

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Galaxy Class Bridge from 'Generations'

OK guys, I've done it.  I redid the Galaxy Bridge textures to resemble the bridge from 'Generations'.  I had 'Generations' on DVD and I kept running back and forth from the computer to the tv when I paused a good view of the bridge.  There were alot of problems with the original bridge.  First off, the rug is not pink, its a dark maroon color.  Then there's the lighting, which is all wrong.  Even worse, unlike the Sovereign Bridge, the Galaxy textures do not have descriptive names, so to find out which texture goes where, I had to purposely make each file different bright colors, like green or purple, then run the game to see where each color was.  But, I finally figured out where everything went, so I managed to fix up the colors.  I darkened the bridge to a gray color.  If you watch Generations, the bridge looks so cool because it was not the standard bright beige from the show, it was repainted to be a dark grayish color.  I also darkened the wood behind the captain's chair and redid the LCARS screens to add to the mood of the game.  The LCARS on the helm and tactical stations were redid to match the movie. The screens behind the captains chair were redid as well, to a red look, to match the bridge when it was under attack by the Klingons.  I even redid the plaque hanging on the wall... it was too blurry and too bright before.  I'm pretty happy how things turned out.  The only thing tho, the galaxy bridge doesn't have the red flashing lights like the sovereign, which I felt was a huge disappointment.  Hopefully someone can figure out how to fix that.  The bridge looks the coolest when you initiate Red Alert.  When the lights darken, then your in for a treat.  The colors blend perfectly. If you guys have any suggestions that you would like to see in the future, feel free to tell me.  In future updates, I will use your suggestions.  Have fun.

time to make- 6 hours

to install-  back up your 'bridgecommander/data/models/sets/dbridge/high' folder, then run GenerationsBridge.exe. If you installed into a directory other than the default ("C:Program Files/Activison/Star Trek Bridge Commander....") you will need to change the directory in the 
install file. Enjoy!

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