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One of the longest running WIPs in Bridge Commander, and one of the most requested bridges of all time. The Generations Galaxy Refit bridge is here, and it’s as classy as ever. Best of all it all comes in a stylish installer which does all the hard work for you. The Bridge installs as an additional bridge for use in Quick Battle, and comes with various features including animated LCARS, permanent extras, a complete set of custom sounds and support for BPCore alert effects. So if your ready to reenact your favorite scenes in Star Trek: Generations, or create you own memories in QuickBattle? This is the right Bridge Set for you.

Defiantly Download Worthy!



Generations Galaxy Bridge (v1.0)

Started in 2004 by Will T Riker, the Generations Galaxy bridge has been one of the longest running WIPs in the history of Bridge Commander. The model was refined and textured by LC Amaral, with the original intention to release the bridge as a replacement for the stock Galaxy Bridge, but after the conception and completion of the Bridge Plugin Project in 2005/06 the project lost impetus. The project was reawakened in 2006 by LC Amaral as a test for new lightmapping techniques and by early 2007 the set was ready for closed alpha testing. No further work was completed on the bridge due to the change in direction towards Excalibur in 2007.

The Bridge has been taken from an alpha state (as it was up to the 17th of December 2007) to being ready for final release (by December 19th 2007) as part of the Frontier Productions 2007 Christmas Bonanza. We hope you enjoy this, one of the most eagerly anticipated bridges in the history of Bridge Commander, and remember that this is just an example of the kind of work we are putting into sets for ST-Excalibur.

Model: Will T Riker (initial development) - LC Amaral (completion) - Sean - Red Dragon (Nebula Furniture).
Lightmapping: LC Amaral
Animations: Mark
Scripts: Mark/Dasher
Textures: Mark, LC Amaral
LCARS: Tobias Weimann (many thanks to Tobias for being so supportive over the years )
Sounds: Various

To all the testers over the months – THANKYOU!

1. Run the executable setup file and follow the on-screen instructions.
2. Enjoy.
Version History


    * First Public Release

Known Bugs

None, Tested on BC1.1

BPSounds supported


for all LCARS permissions contact Tobias Weimann

All Other Materials:

Email: thirdera at gmail.com

Or find us at Bridge Commander Central

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