Generic Bridge Module (Early TNG)



File description: The Generic Bridge Module Project is an effort to create "catch all" bridges that can be used for any starship in the game. Much as Starfleet vessels use interchangeable and removable bridge modules in order save resources, I have done the same to save time. The bridges will have no identification of ship name or class, it's completely up to you to imagine that they are there. Otherwise this bridge is fully stocked with everything you could want.

This specific bridge represents the Early TNG era, from just before TNG began to Season 5. This represents vessels such as the Defiant, Akira class, etc that first began to be built at the time. We are starting to see the amber panels that were typical of The Next Generation while still seeing old displays from the TMP era.

Suitable vessels for this bridge: -All Wolf 359 vessels -TMP era vessels with TNG hardpoints -The Akira -Mirandas, Excelsiors, Constitutions, Centaurs, etc -Any ship you darn well please!

This bridge has animated LCARS, animated red alert klaxons, full lightmaps, and a brand new look for BC bridges.



Title : Generic Bridge Module (Early TNG)
Version : 1.0
Date : 09/24/08
Author : Barihawk, 3rd Era Bridge Team
Email : barihawk at hotmail dot com 
URL : http://www.bc-central.com

Credits: Generic Bridge Module (Early TNG)
Original Model: Enterprise C Bridge by 3rd Era

Model Design : Paramount
Original Textures : Cpt. LC Amaral & Viper Leader
New Textures : Mark & Barihawk & Dr_McCoy1701A
Original Mesh : Cpt. LC Amaral & Viper Leader
Mesh Fixes : Sean
Animations : Cpt. LC Amaral & Mark & Barihawk
Scripting : Cpt. LC Amaral & Mark & Dasher 42 & Barihawk
Porting : Mark
Research : Blackrook32
Thanks to : All the people at BC Central who gave support and help, especially Doc McCoy

Also Included

Technical Details
Tested at BC version 1.1 with Kobayashi Maru 1.0
This requires the Dasher’s bridge plugin installed.
This Bridge has Bridge Plugin only features

Known Bugs
Walk FX will not recognise the raised platform at the back of the bridge. (inherited)

Install instructions

1 – Drop "Bridge Commander" folder into your Activision directory. Or do it manually. Whatever floats your boat.
2 – You should get an overwrite prompt if you did it right. Otherwise, you did it wrong. 

Other Notes
Please request permission from 3rd Era before redistributing these files. These files may
be posted with permission to any free site or forum for downloading, but full credit must
be made to the above credits in the main post. Any unauthorized use of this file or theft
of credit will be taken action against.

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