This mod will add gravity effects to BC (honestly, what kind of space simulation game doesn’t have gravity?), and of course other nice featu...


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This mod will add gravity effects to BC (honestly, what kind of space simulation game doesn’t have gravity?), and of course other nice features.

As their list is kinda big, and I need to explain them, let’s just jump to the list of some of the features of the mod: -Makes Planets and Suns in the game generate an gravity well, which will pull ships whithin it's radius. -Includes the set called "Psi's Blackhole", which contains a blackhole. -Has an menu in UMM to set some options of GravityFX. -Can make torpedoes create an gravity well upon impact, with the use of plugins. -Can make ships have an gravity well, if they have an gravity generator subsystem. -Can also make ships not to be affected by any gravity well, with the use of plugins. -Includes the System Map, which is a window opened in the science forum, that shows a map of the surroundings of the player, including planets, ships, etc. -Includes another menu in science called "Gravity Sensors Menu", which shows gravity-related info about ships, and also has some other features. -Includes a menu in enginnering called "Gravity Generator Options" which shows the status of the player's ship gravity generators, allowing you to change the power of them aswell. -Can show information about some objects on the BC 3D map.

And some other options and features, covered deeper in following topics on this readme.

And MAKE SURE to read the Full Readme, which is contained in the RAR file, after you download GravityFX v1.0

WARNING!! PLEASE NOTE!! Do NOT use the .exe installer. As it turns out, the .exe does not install a GFX folder, which it's absence causes a BSOD. So please instead install this manually, by copying the contents of the folder "Manual Install" into your BC Directory. Apologies for any inconvenience.

REQUIREMENTS - BC 1.1 - Foundation - EarthFX (also know as "Planet Classification Script") [included] - Unified Main Menu [optional (strongly recommended)] With this you'll be able to set some nice settings for GravityFX in the game configurations menu.

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Download 'gravityfxv1.0.rar' (6.16MB)

         USS Frontier’s GravityFX v1.0
                                  by Fernando Aluani aka USS Frontier	 

Installation Instructions
To install this mod simply extract the contents of the folder "Manual Install" contained in this mod's RAR file to your Bridge Commander Directory, Windows will probably ask if you want to override the existing folders in BridgeCommander Directory, so just choose "Yes to all".

How To Use  
Simply install, and then in the game menu turn on the mutator "USS Frontier’s GravityFX" and "Planet Classification Script". 
Then start QB, or a QB match, or QBR, in some system which have planets/suns to "feel" the gravity, or to use some of the other features of this mod check out the following topics.

None that are known.

Contact me
Go to the GravityFX board over at the BCS:TNG forums (,28.0.html), I’m pratically always there.
Or contact by email, my email is: fernandoragnarok AT hotmail DOT com
         (this is for anti-spam issues, change "AT" for "@" and "DOT" for ".", and you have my email)

MEdelen, on BCU, for the idea of giving gravity to BC.
MLeo, for some help on programming when this mod was in the early stage of development.
BCS:TNG, for help and advices, letting me use their Planet Classification Script and by allowing me to have an board dedicated to GravityFX on their forum.
Rob Archer, for giving me some sound files to play when you’re being damaged by a gravity well.
Nighthawk, for the astonishing blackhole ship model.
And everyone at the BCS forums which gave a comment or idea to this mod!


Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager
and related properties are Registered Trademarks of Paramount Pictures
registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
All original designs are copyright © Paramount Pictures.
No infringement of Paramount's copyrights is intended.

All files in this zip are for personal use only and cannot be bought or sold. They also cannot be modified or released in any way without the author's permission.not

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