Hardpoint Balancer for Excel 2007



This is a spreadsheet used to balance ships. It will calculate values such as Hull/Shield strength, maneuverability, weapons output, subsystem health, and will even calculate the correct output of the warp core to be totaled to the usage of all the ship systems.

Best of all, I programmed buttons to automate the replacement of values, after you copy the .py to separate sheet.

For more details on how to use, read the .txt files I put in the Tutorial folder.



Bridge Commander Excel 2007 Workbook Hardpoint Editor

In a nutshell, will balance ships to each other and automate the editing of the .py file.

The tutorial folder has some .txt files with some info on how to use it.


1. Excel 2007 with macros enabled

2. Moderate knowledge with the use of Excel and BC Hardpointing.

3. .Py Hardpoint Script Files.

I made this for myself, not for other people. I just decided it was useful enough that other people might like it. Its a little unpolished, but it works..most of the time. Well, the only time it really wouldn't work, is when the ship systems don't match up to what the buttons are  programmed to look for. There is a .txt file in the Tutorial folder for a list of the search parameters.

Enjoy...and don't be yelling at me if you use this to screw up your BC install. Use at your own risk, and ALWAYS backup before doing anything.

Questions/Comments/Suggestions will be in a thread at the BC-Central forums.

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