Hawkeye Sovereign Pack

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Here is the Hawkeye Sovereign Texture pack that will give a new life to the orginal Soveriegn by Hawkeye, aka Chronocidal Guy. This mod pack includes 4 ships, the USS Enterprise E based upon Star Trek First Contact, USS Sovereign based upon Star Trek First Contact, a prototype version of the Sovereign as well as another Sovereign with blank textures. All of these ships are very well balanced to other TNG vessels.

The First Contact Sovereign and Enterprise are very well balanced as they are more than a match for a Dominion Battle Cruiser or similar (though don't expect to win this with out any damage though :)), each of these ships are armed with Photon, Quantum and Phased torpeodes, the latter being very powerful as they can rip relatively large holes into most ships.

The NX Sovereign is weaker than the First Contact variants and has different textures, such as a blue impulse engine and other differences. This ship doesn't have the same amount of weapons as the other variants of this ship although it may be a match for a dominion battle cruiser although it probably won't be. This modification pack also includes a Sovereign with blank textures so that you can make up your own ships.



Hawkeye Sovereign Pack 1.0
This pack contains Four ships.  The USS Sovereign, NCC-73811, and NX-73811 and the original ship intended for the model the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E on top of the model with blank textures so you can make your own ships.

Also included is a set of Hardpoints made by P$ycho who used his CG Sovereign pack HP's as a starting point.  The Result is a well balanced Sovereign Class Starship.

-Of course Bridge Commander and the 1.1 patch
-Foundation Technologies
-Mleo's Skinning And Damaging tool

Known Bugs:
Both ships run fine with the Skinning and Damaging tool.  But for my computer, I have no registry on the bottom of the saucer.


Chronocidal Guy FKA Hawkeye for the model and original textures, plus upcoming CG Sovereign2.0 without that HP, the modified HP wouldn't be possible  Big thanks to him!

Me, Roger Smith, or Eclipse74569 @BCU for the Sovereign and blank textures

Captain Russel for the NX Sovereign top textures and the Deflector Glow textures
plus psycho for the updated HP

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