Hershio Class Escort



this is a slightly modified version of the recently released Starforce/Outalance Hershio class escort, with improved glows by Yopyop, you do not need the original ship as all the necessary files are included.

Description: Here is the Hershio class Escort by Starforce Productions and Outalance, the ship is armed with two forward and aft torpedo tubes, as well as ten phaser banks covering various arcs around the ship. The Hershio has strong armour but relatively weak weapons, as it can take on 1 - 3 Jem Haddar attack ships (it can easily take on one, but may struggle against more than 2).

The ship itself its detailed and well made. It looks similar to that of a Nova Class starship as it has similar warp nacelles, secondary hull (engineering section) and basic shape.



====Hershio class Escort - edited alpha maps by yopyop====

Mesh and textures: Red-Man-Mark
HP/conversion: Starforce2
Torpedoes:Alexraptor quantum, Dkealty photon
new glows: yopyop

Length : 180 m
Beam : 62 m
Height : 54 m
Decks : 12 

The vessel is armed with 2 torpedo tubes fore and aft,
10 Phaserbanks in various positions.

This vessel has a strong hull for it's size, light but fast rechargeing shields, and short burst phasers.

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