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Here is an interesting and 'unsual' mod. The 'Hidden Core'! This mod basicly makes the asteroid in game explode with an 'high' yield exsplos...


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Here is an interesting and 'unsual' mod. The 'Hidden Core'! This mod basicly makes the asteroid in game explode with an 'high' yield exsplosion. If you ship is in close proximity in mid battle? It can get ugly. This was very entertaining in Quickbattle and QBR. For those of you who have played it will find the QB/QBR missions with Asteroids in them.. More Challenging!

This is a very intresting concept, worth having a look at

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Hidden Core Readme

What is this:
This mod is a high yield exsplosive hidden inside an Asteroid. it will explode with a slightly greater power than that of a warp core and if named properly are indistinguishable from ordinary Asteroids.

Copy the Scripts and Data folder into your root bridge commander folder. Use BC-Mod packer to add the ship to your game.

it's great fun to throw a few of these into a big Asteroid filed in a big battle. I'm still in the process of making a QB mission which have these things spaced out correctly in a asteroid field so that they start a ever growing chain reaction to destroy every one in a specified area.

Kovk (Me). Sneaker98's warp core hardpoints provided the insperation for this. This has less unnessesary ship systems, and takes much more damage than a warp core, and uses the art from in game asteroids... This is my first attempt to mod and it works fine on my computer. (as long as you gont try to play as the Hidden Core) I can't be totally sure I havent messed something little up. Comments, criticisim,  and any help on making this better will be appriciated. Also anyone who know a way  for me to figure out the exact spacing for making a perfect chain reaction better than the trail and error I've been using that would be helpful.


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