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This is an asteriod with a high yield explosive within. It can be added to quick battle games, and maps. This asteroid is very useful for mi...


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This is an asteriod with a high yield explosive within. It can be added to quick battle games, and maps. This asteroid is very useful for mines as the tractor beams can hold a ship in place ready for an enemy to destroy the asteriod causing a lot of damage towards the ship that has been caught by the tractor beams (Though Only In QBR, not in normal QB)

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Download 'hiddencore2.zip' (1.04MB)

HiddenCore2.0 (Aceton Assimilators Prototype) Readme:

What is this:
This is a prototype of the aceton assimilators seen in the TNG episode Booby Trap. This mod is a high yield explosive hidden inside of an asteroid equipped with 6 altered borg sphere tractor beams which trap ships into place. It will explode with a greater power than that of a warp core damaging or destroying and ship caught in its snare. 

Copy the scripts and data folders into the root of your bridge commander folder. Use BC-Mod packager to add the ship to your game.

Its great fun to throw a few of these into an asteroid field before a big battle. I have found that if I am flying a Galaxy class I can sometimes escape the beams if I fly in at a certain angle and do not let more than 1 or 2 beams grab on. Once you are caught by more than a few, you are stuck in place until you (or an enemy) destroys the asteroid. The screenshot I have included shows a Galaxy class and 3 escape pods stuck in the trap. 

Future Improvement: To make convert this mod to a true Acetone Assimilator I think that a few things need to be done. The tractor beams should be made invisible, and the breen energy energy weapons should be installed and also made invisible. This would allow them to be hidden in a regular asteorid field and function as they did in Booby Trap. Also the AI will only attack a certain team,  I think it should be changed to grab on to anyone nearby (except other asteroids). If somebody would like to take this and make those and other changes that is perfectly fine with me. 

Credits: Kovk(me). Sneaker98's warp core hardpoints provided the inspiration for this. This has less unnessesary ship systems, takes much more damage than a warp core, and uses the art from the in game asteroids. This is a version I created a long time ago that has just been sitting on my hard drive doing nothing so I decided to submit it. If this is broken in some way I appologise, I dont use Windows anymore and have thus not tested it in quite some time. The design for the tractors comes from the Borg Sphere hardpoint. If anyone would like to use this in any kind of mod collection or expansion they have my wholehearted approval.


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