Hippo's Telarian Observation Ship

Here is a cool new ship brought to Bridge Commander by Starforce Productions, the Telarian Observation Ship. This type of design was constan...


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Here is a cool new ship brought to Bridge Commander by Starforce Productions, the Telarian Observation Ship. This type of design was constantly used in TNG, being most memorable as a Telarian training vessel in the TNG 4th season episode "Suddenly Human". Well this ship is no mere training vessel. The Telarians have been busy during the Dominion Wars, salvaging weapon technology from any damage or destroyed hulks that might have drifted within their territory. This ship is armed with (2) low yield Poleron beams with Jem'Hedar torpedoes & shields. Though her hull strength is comparable with TMP era to Pre TNG era stats. This ship is highly manuverable at impulse speeds. The ship looks nice to be a low poly model. This now places the Telarians from a general nuisance to an unavoidable "Problem". So, take your favorite ship in the battle arena to investigate.

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Download 'hippos_telarion_obs.rar' (916KB)

======Starforce Productions Presents New Telarian Observation Craft======

Model and textures: King Hippo
Conversion and hp: Starforce2
Weapon fx: FTB mod

Size: 150, same as the old Observation class hull
Poly count: 1080!

Armed with 2 low yield polaron beams, and a single torpedo launcher with a supply of 50 torpedo. Although Still basicaly canon fodder, it's weapons are now capable of damaging freighters, pirates and in some cases, older federation ships. Be on the look out for Pirate or Maquis owned vessels of this type, no doubt these vessels will appear as a new sourse of trade income for the Telarians to get experties and parts for further advancement of their ships.

Hippo's Backstory:

***Starfleet Intelligence ship information Classified SECRET***

With the end of the Dominion War the Telarite fleet was in pieces, The government decided to start it's ship building once more by using recycled materials and older ships, The Main bulk of the now consists of these vessels known as the Camna class. They may look rough on the outside.. however the Talarians also toke the opportunity whilst the war was on, to steal what technology they could from any damaged vessels in the proximity of Talarian space.

Weapons. . . . .Unknown

***Starfleet Intelligence ship information Classified SECRET***

Hippo's Terms of Use:

= You may not claim this ship to be your own
= You must ask my permission before use of any kind Except to place into game
= May be used in Mods again ask my permission
= Retextures and kitbashes are welcome, agian ask my permission.
= Remember this is a LOW POLY . . for higher poly games the quality of the model is not guarenteed.

Help keep the game alive. Stick to the rules. 

Thank you and enjoy.

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