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The pride of Section 31. Sleek design, strong weapons and shields, and deployable futuristic ablative armour as seen on Voyager's last epi...


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The pride of Section 31. Sleek design, strong weapons and shields, and deployable futuristic ablative armour as seen on Voyager's last episode. Ready to deal with any problem, inside or outside Federation space. If you like your ships with a twist of weirdness and innovative designs, this one is for you.

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Download 'horizona.rar' (6.37MB)

Hammer Class USS Horizon A

Filename : HorizonA.rar
Version : 1.0
Date : 8/31/2005
Author : Scott Ferguson (Danar)
Email : [email protected]

original concept for MVAM armor deployment: MRJohn and the Collective Alliance
model design : Scott Ferguson
textures : Scott Ferguson (Some extra work on the glows by Jesse Bond)
mesh : Scott Ferguson
Build time : 3 months off and on
Hardpoints : Scott Ferguson
MVAM Plugin: Scott Ferguson, adapted from the MVAM by MrJohn and the Collective Alliance for their armored Voyager.
Thanks to : Jesse Bond for his invaluable help with understanding the basics of 3ds Max, MrJohn & The Collective Alliance for creating the mvam armored Voyager, Sneaker98 for MVAM Infinite, and edtheborg for future technologies.

Bridge Commander 1.1
Latest Foundation
Latest QBAutostart: http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/QB_Autostart;39736 (8.0 should still be sufficient though)
MVAM Infinite: http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/MVAM_Infinite;26555
Future Technologies 2.0: http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/Future_Technologies_2;31845

Please do not report problems if you do not have the above installed

Animated Textures
Future Technologies 2 compatible (powered armor)

Description of the Modification

an original model created in 3d studio max and converted using SDK plugin

After the destruction of the USS Horizon (a few weeks after the events in Star Trek Nemesis), Section 31 had the highly classified USS Hammer prototype, which was still under construction, renamed Horizon (the class name Hammer remained however).  The Hammer project was to create a starship that could operate independently deep inside hostile territory without being detected and without using any illegal cloaking technology (the discovery of the Horizon’s cloak had nearly sparked a war).  Its unusual warp drives and advanced hull design allow it to move at high warp (9.99 theoretical limit) without giving off excess radiation and without leaving an ion trail, making her impossible to detect with long range sensors.  In addition, the prototype was given an advanced dual phaser cannon that uses modified borg energy capacitors salvaged from the Horizon’s wreckage [Note: they only operate at maximum power while in the armored mode].  Lastly, the ship’s hull incorporates an ablative armor generator system based on the one brought back by Voyager.  The armor generators are embedded in the skin of the hull which compromises her unarmored hull strength, but gives her a nearly impenetrable defensive system.  An unfortunate side effect of coating the entire ship in the armor is that she is unable to use her warp drives while the armor is active, and in addition, the armor generators create a tremendous strain on the power system.  Power is very precious while the armor is on, and to keep power fed to the weapons and engines, the shields must be shut off completely and the other systems kept at reduced power levels.  The mission of the Horizon is to quickly and discretely eliminate any threats to the Federation, external or internal.  She is the pride of Section 31, and just as mysterious.  Rumors abounded during her construction that the design was provided to Section 31 by a temporal agent.  In cruise mode she is a strong but ordinary vessel, more powerful than a Sovereign, but far from invincible.  In her battle mode, you would swear she came from the future.

Some important notes about this ship: To activate the armor, first go into battle mode in the mvam menu, and then activate the powered armor in Felix's menu.  It is highly recommended that you power down your shields while the armor is on.  Don’t be surprised that you can’t run all of your systems at 100% with the armor.  The phaser cannons on the front of the ship have a narrow “field of view” and in battle mode they are much more powerful.

Known Bugs

If you select the armored mode as your starting ship I can't guarantee what will happen to your torpedo quantity thereafter.  In order to make the torpedo quantity consistent while using MVAM I had to double the torp quantity in the armored version.  For some reason if you don't do that all your torps will disappear when you use MVAM.  With this fix however, the torp quanity will remain consistent when you use MVAM.  It seems to be a bug in MVAM with every ship (at least on my install) but it can be overcome by doubling the amount of torpedoes that the part you "MVAM to" holds.  As long as you start out in the unarmored form you shouldn't have any problems.

Although I have tested this ship to the best of my ability (including on a clean 1.1 install), if you find any other bugs please send me an email.

Steps to install

1. Double click on HorizonA.BCMod


Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures,
as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions. 

Please do not modify this file or the included textures with out seeking the author's permission. I don't mind the redistribution of this file, but please keep this readme file with it.

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