Icarus Class



long-term deep space survey and second contact diplomatic missions on the frontier of known space. She is equipped with the latest sensor technology and a deflector array that can also be used as a large sensor platform.Her primary function is to serve three-year or longer semi-autonomous missions beyond contact with Starfleet. The ship has a large cargo bay for both mission cargo and trade goods. Because of the heavy armaments for a ship her size, in times of political dispute or all out war she can be outfitted as a frigate for light combat and escort duty and because of the advanced sensors she can also serve as a picket ship in larger fleet maneuvers. The Icarus class served Starfleet with distinction through more than 50 years and two refits. First commissioned in 2188, the last surviving Icarus class vessel, the U.S.S. Heracles was decommissioned in 2242.This ship is balanced for the TOS EraARMAMENT12 Phaser Cannon (6 Dorsal, 6 Ventral) 4 Photon Torpedo Tubes (2 Forward, 2 Aft)


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