Intrepid Bridge v.3.2

Released separately from Kobayashi Maru 1.0 for the first time ever, the Intrepid Bridge 3 is here to wet your appetite. The mod comes in a...


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Released separately from Kobayashi Maru 1.0 for the first time ever, the Intrepid Bridge 3 is here to wet your appetite. The mod comes in a easy to install .EXE so all the hard work is done for you. That said this is not the same bridge we saw in KM1.0, with optimised command chairs the team has managed to save more polygons that have now been spent on the ceiling lighting. Additionally in this “Low” version of the bridge, there are lower resolution textures and less taxing effects included.

The bridge still supports all the features that it did in Kobayashi Maru 1.0 (although you will need BP Core Gold), including Animations at alert change, Alert FX, and a complete set of custom sounds giving you an authentic Intrepid class experience. All this with the added improvements results in a higher quality, and better performing bridge which truly showcases what a modder can do with Bridge Commander. I would suggest this mod for Low end gigs. or for some looking to maximize their PC's performance with low resolution textures and mesh. This Bridge set is a must have for any true Star Trek: Voyager fan.

Worth Having a look at....

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Download 'intrepid_v3.2_l.rar' (10.8MB)

Intrepid Class Bridge (v3.2)

The Intrepid bridge was originally ported to Bridge Commander from Elite Force in 2003 by LC Amaral. In late 2005 work began on an updated version of the bridge, intended to take advantage of modern hardware and act as a test for newer high polygon bridges. Version 3 was finalised in late 2006, before being released in early 2007 as part of Kobayashi Maru 1.0. Version 3 was never released as a standalone bridge.

Version 3.2 takes advantage of the experience gained by 3rd Era as they continue to develop 4th generation bridges. Along side some minor bug fixes the new version includes optimisations to the Command Chairs (800 polygons removed per chair, 1600 in total) and a increased detail to the ceiling. Version 3.2 will not only look better but run smoother on all PCs.

This lower specification version of the intrepid V3 is designed for those people with less modern PCs, if you continue to have issues with speed while running this bridge however it is recommended that you reduce BPCore effects in the UMM control panel.

Model: LC Amaral/Sean/Mark
Lightmapping: LC Amaral/Sean/Mark
Animations: Mark
Scripts: Mark/Dasher
Textures: Mark
LCARs: Explorer
Sounds: Various, including Alpha1528

To all the testers over the months – THANKYOU!

1. Run the executable setup file and follow the on-screen instructions.
2. Enjoy.
Version History


    * First Public Release


    * Added Bridge menu scroller by sneaker.


    * New Science, Tactical and Helm Stations added
    * Floor Remapped
    * Pillars Remodelled
    * Model Rescaled
    * All animations remade
    * New lightmaps rendered with VRAY
    * Permanent extra added to Science II
    * Red Alert lighting revamped
    * Added captains station animation (opens at alert)
    * All textures revamped
    * New LCARS added from Explorer


    * 1600 polygons recovered from Command Chairs
    * Ceiling details modelled in, 3.5mb of textures saved
    * Mapping error on inner ceiling ring fixed
    * Other minor tweaks.

Known Bugs

None, Tested on BC1.1

BPSounds and Alert Animations supported


for all LCARS permissions contact Explorer

All Other Materials:

Email: thirdera at

Or find us at Bridge Commander Central

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