Intrepid Class Mod Pack v.1.0



Here is the Intrepid Class Mod Pack. The Intrepids now has the ability to "raise and lower" her nacelles for warp. This is not a animated sequence. The Hardpoints are in keeping with the Intrepid Class as seen in the Voyager and DS9 Series. You will see the working subsystems of an Intrepid Class Starship. The Intrepid Class comes in (2) Models Cruise mode and Warp mode. Twenty-four models that comprise the fleet of Twelve ships. The ships uses the Sub Menu.v.3 so they are neatly grouped in their own Sub list.

Most of the ships will have different torpedoes. The most "common" will be the Type: 11 Photon. Some of the torpedoes have spread capabilities. This will give you some diversity among the Intrepid Fleet. All the Hardpoints have been tailored to each individual sister ship. So each ship will have slightly different handling in game. Also a Ship's History was made for each ship. Mostly fan fiction and just for fun. You will need NanoFX2b, and MVAM 2.0 Infinity. This Mod pack only contains the MVAM plugins for the Fleet.

This is "Self-Extracting .exe" just select your BC directory and install.

Since I was Involved with this project, I'll let you rate it...




Intrepid Class Mod Pack v.1.0 * Updated Modpack on 03/16/2005 *


Modding Tool: Paint Shop Pro 7

Modding Time: 6 Months


* Sneaker98 MVAM Infinity Mod v.2.0 (The Intrepid Class Mod pack only comes with the MVAM Plugins)
* Elminster's Common Weapons Pack v.2.6 or Higher
* MLeo's Sub Menu Mod v.3 (Puts the Intrepid Classes in a neat little sub group in your QuickBattle ship select list)
* Apollo's Advanced Technologies Pack (ATP- Only enhances the Hardpoints, not a requirement for gameplay. But it does kick MAJOR ASS!!)
* Nano's NFX2 Beta (For Running Lights and Torpedos... but who dosen't have this one?)


This Mod pack will  replace "any" Intrepid mod you may have installed, or WTRIntrepid Mod. Each ship has basicly (2) models. One in flight mode and one in warp mode. So this mod pack contains (24) ship models in a Fleet of 12 ships.  These mods are compatible with Apollo's Advanced Technologies Pack (ATP). And Sneaker98's Multi-Vectored Assault Mode (MVAM 2.0). Each ship have thier own custom icon along with new scripts written to be compatible with the QB/QBR related mods. So the "sister ships" will show up on your (Federation Ship) selection list. This will be compatible with MLeo's Sub Menu v.3 mod. 

The Special features added to the Intrepid Class are more realistic hardpoints. Showing the Class(s) abilities as related in the VOY/DS9 series. Ex: Bio Neural Gelpack Systems, Port and Starboard Ramscoops, Replicator Networks located threw out the ship. Main Computer Cores, Anti Matter Pods, and the favorite Mess Hall/ Galley.  The most notable is the canon 'Pre-Charge Phaser Arc(s)' you will see in combat.  Also the Phaser Arrays will still function even if portions of it are damaged. Utilizing the MVAM plugin scripts provided, the Intrepid Class can now raise and lowerer her outrigger nacelles for warp. I would suggest pre setting a course. Before deploying the outrigger nacelles to warp. You will be able to enjoy the Music sequence even more.

Each ship will have torpedo choices, a different combination among the Fleet. Each Ship's Hardpoints are 'unique'. This is in keeping with our BC  gaming philosophy of individuality with in Class of Ship. The Phasers have been streamlined from the bulky stock version. Some of the Torpedo mod included will have spread capability. Compatible only with (ATP3). Thought the mod pack's hp's have been configured for (ATP and ATP3) it is not a requirement to play the ships in game. 

Each Ship is Unique in their Own right. From the little "nuances" in Shield deployment and Strength, to Impulse speed and repair time rates. This is intentional. But I'm sure you find a favorite one in this Fleet of Twelve Ships. :-)

Intrepid Class Torpedo/Phaser Specifications:
* Canon Phaser Pre-Charge Arc(s)*
* Phaser Array adaptability to damage*
* Dual-Vector Assault Mode*

Canon Hardpoints and Subsystems
Ventral Phaser Banks (2)
Dorsal Phaser Banks (2)
Ventral Phaser Strip (2)
Dorsal Phaser Strip (5)
Forward Torpedo Launchers (2)
Aft Torpedo Launchers (2)
Tractor Beams (1) Fore (1) Aft
Improved Firing Arcs
Improved Phaser Alignments (Phaser Bank Glide FX)

*Compatibility w/ Apollo's Advanced Technologies Pack ATP2/3
*Running Lights compatible with NFX2 Beta
*Compatibility with Sneaker98's MVAM 2.0 Infinity (Plugin Scripts)

*Known Bugs: 

When using the MVAM mode, the running lights will not be aligned.
this was noticed during Beta tests. Torpedo Count will be shown as "0"
after MVAM mode is used. The ship will fire it's normal compliment.

You will not be able to "Fight" with your Nacelles up. Sorry, I never
saw this done in Star Trek: Voyager. 

The Models were tested using the Bridge Commander 1.1 Patch.
If you are using Bridge Commander 1.0  the models will "not" work.


Intrepid Class Fleet:

It's Safe to say that If your a Fan of the Intrepid Class, then you know all about the Starship Voyager?
So I won't insult you by doing a Ship History. Her Adventures are well documented....

Type: 11 Photon Torpedoes

The Intrepid Class Prototype was constructed at the Martian Orbital Construction yards, Utopia Planitica on Stardate: 47502.3. This ship is the most innovative design of the time. Employing Bio Neural circuitry and improved warp drive system. The Intrepid Class has the ability to invert her outrigger nacelles for smoother transitions to warp. Sustaining speeds up to Warp 9.995 without polluting the space time continuum. After her Commissioning into Service on Stardate: 48080.2. The Intrepid-B under the command of Captain Jaquin M. Valasco was assigned to the traditional patrol route of Federation Border patrol. Normally a Eight year mission. The Intrepid-B cut it down to Three years, Six months. An unprecedented Starfleet record.

On Stardate: 51781.9 The Intrepid-B was ordered to Vulcan during the Dominion Wars to evacuate the High Priests and Vassals from Mount Seleya. On intelligence that the Dominion would attack Vulcan by destroying the venerated Temple complex.  Damaged by a freak high speed Ion Storm en route, the Intrepid-B was forced to make an Emergency landing on the surface. While the Dominon Forces began to break threw the Vulcans Military defenses.

Upon evacuating nearly 2,500 citizens from Mount Seleya, twenty Jem'Hedar and Cardassian Fighters broke threw the Vulcan High Command's defenses. Attacking the Intrepid-B while she was still planet bound. Enduring server damage, the Intrepid-B had to fight for every kilometer to break orbit. The firefight was seen by all, as the Dominion Forces chased the Intrepid-B over the cities and skies of Vulcan. On the last attempt to break orbit, the Impulse engines were knocked off line by the Jem'Hedar. The Intrepid-B lost her thrusters- spinning out of control. The sudden shock pinned most to the floor, the whine of the stalled impulse engines was deafening. Captain Valasco had only one choice- He ordered the Intrepid-B's Helmsman Ens. A'Reb to jump to warp while still in Vulcan's lower Atmosphere. The explosive concussion was heard and felt planet-wide. As the Intrepid-B broke orbit speeding past the High Command's Battlefleet, the Dominion Forces were destroyed as they were caught in the intense bombardment.

The Captain and Crew of the Intrepid-B was presented the Starfleet's Medal of Valor and the Vulcan IDIC on Mount Seleya. By the request of the High Priestess T'Lan. Showing the unending gratitude of the Vulcan People.


Type: 9 Spread 2 Torpedoes

The Alexandria was constructed on Stardate: 50932.4 at the Dockyardas of Antares III. The Alexandria under the Command of Captain Jackson Zelo, defended the Tarsus and Tyco Colonies from Klingon attack during the brief Federation Klingon War of 2375. On Stardate: 52310.42 the Alexandria was under orders to find the Ketricel White Base rumored to be on the edge of Federation Space. Attacked by Dominion forces during a normal border patrol. Outgunned, the Starship Alexandria fought off four Cardassian Keldons. Destroying two before she took a direct hit to her Port outrigger nacelle. Crippled, the Alexandria was lossing life support. The Alexandria took refuge in a Mutara Class Nebula. Scans reveled that the Ketericel White Base was in the Nebula. The Base opened fire damaging the Alexandria's phaser arrays. Captain Zelo ordered an Emergency landing on one of the small Class: L  Asteroids in the Nebula. Deep within a active vulcanic cavern. Struggling to repair thier damaged systems, the Cardassians began to methodically bomb the Asteroid field.

For twelve hours the Cardassians carpeted the Asteroid field. With only half of the damaged systems repaired. Captain Zelo ordered the Alexandria to launch with all Code: Blue Damage control teams on standby. The Ops Officer Lt. Selena Ortez noted the Asteroids in the Nebula were composed of unstable Dilithium Crystal deposits. First Officer Cmdr. Alya Jankovitch ordered the Chief Engineer Ens. Benjamin Wiess to vent plasma from the Starboard nacelle. Simulating the damage last viewed by the Cardassians. As the Alexandria took flight, trailing plasma the Cardassians slowly moved to intercept. Thinking the damaged Starship an easy kill. When they reached 50 kilometers of the Nebula's edge, the Alexandria fired multiple torpedos on the Ketricel White Asteroid base's Dilithium veins.  While simutaniously jumping to Warp 9.995. The massive explosion caused a chain reaction within the Nebula's Asteroid field.  Destroying the Dominion forces, expanding the Nebula twenty fold. A site which was viewed by the inhabitants of both Tyco and Tarsus systems, was a once in a life time experience.

The Alexandria managed to limp back to Starbase: 239 at Tarsus III. Badly damaged by the explosion, Captain Zelo managed to make it back to safe harbor with a loss of only twelve amoung the Alexandria's crew. The distruction of the Dominion Base was instrumental in turning the tide of the War. But also focused the Founder's attentions on the Bajoran Sector. The Mutaran Nebula in the Tarsus sector now glows different shades,  brightness and colors. Though designated Mutara: K12 on the contemporary starcharts, most star travellers now call it the 'Alexandria's' Nebula. The Alexandria is currently on a deep space exploration in the Gamma Quadrant.


Plasma Torpedo Spread 3

The Belfast-D comes from a long and proud leniage of Starships. In the year 2266 on Stardate: 2947.7 the Federation Starship U.S.S. Belfast * NCC-1690 commander by Captain Patrick Devane came into contact with the Klingon Empire after decades of silence, after the Orion Border Conflicts. Three D-5 Klingon Battlecruisers attacked the Federation Colony on Tathis. The Heavy Frigate held off the Klingons in a fierce firefight. Heavely crippled, The Belfast intercepted the Klingon's coded sub space communique. To ' launch ' Tactical Antimatter warheads to decimate the Atmosphere.

To save the lives of Thousands, Captain Devane had his Helmsman Lt. Jason Ryland to lure the surviving Klingons close to the Belfast. As the Chief Engineer Lt. Hadori Yoshida ejected and collasped the warp core. Causing a massive explosion. Setting off the deployed Klingon Antimatter warheads.  The actions of the Brave crew of the Belfast can be seen to this day. The explosion caused a red shimering ring around Tathis, which the Tathsians call the 'Ring of Valor'. Popular myth has it that the Belfast is caught in a temporal warp along with the Klingons- Frozen in Time. Due to the Ring's highly charged sub space variants, faint signals coming from the Ring. Have been heard for the last 120 years. Echos of Battle chatter, and Captain Devane giving the order to destroy the Belfast. Highly revered as a cultural icon, the Tathsian Government will not allow any scientific study of the Ring.

The Belfast-D was constructed during the Dominion Wars on Stardate: 52004.7 at the Mars Utopia Planicia Dockyards. The Belfast-D was ordered to defend the Tathsian Sector from Cardassian / Dominion Attack. Commanded by Captain Sergi Ivanova,  the Starfleet / Klingon Task Force lead by the Belfast-D responded to the Tathsian's Distress call. The Dominion Forces launched a savage attack on Tathis, Home of the Starbase: 132's Orbital Dockyards. Chaos reigned as Thousands of civilian ships tried in a futile last ditch effort to leave the decimated planet of Tathis.

The orbiting Starbase was destroyed, causing a Massive casscade within the 'Ring of Valor' destroying every vessel within the blast radius. The only surviving ships were six heavely damaged passenger liners and freighters, a C'haqu Class Bird of Prey,  two Galors,  three Jem'Hedar fighters and the Belfast-D. The Belfast suffered heavy casualties. Nearly a third of her crew was killed. As the Belfast-D began to beam the civilian survivors onboard, instantly one of the civilian liners was destroyed outright by the Dominion Forces. The debris hitting the Belfast-D's Starboard outrigger nacelles. With the nacelle shattered and leaking plasma, Captain Ivanova ordered the Belfast-D to enter the 'Ring of Valor' for cover.  Decending ever deeper into the turbulent edies of the anomaly, dodging an array of debris and shattered ships. They encountered the 'unbelevable'....

The Original Belfast and the two Klingon D-5 Battlecruisers were suspended in time. As the blast remnants of the Original Belfast warp core started to expand, the ships began to show signs of visible hull breeches-  life signs were faint but present.  Captain Ivanova acted quickly, the disruption of the Ring caused the explosion to return to normal space time at an excellerated rate.  The crews of the Original Belfast and the Klingon Battlecruisers were beamed aboard the Belfast-D's Cargo bays on Deck: 4. As the explosion increased in size, the Belfast-D made an emergency turn- reversing course at maximum impulse. Passing the surprised Dominion forces as they were vaporized by the explosive wave, the Belfast-D's shields barely held. The Belfast-D was ordered to patrol the Tathsian sector while relief teams arrived to Tathis.

Fortunately on the Belfast-D, the Klingons from the present day Task Force and the Starfleet Crew kept the survivors of the Original Belfast and the D-5 crews from killing each other. Proving that old hatreds die hard. To improve moral during the Dominion Wars. A 'Joint' Order was issued by Starfleet Command and the Klingon High Council. Both Crews will be acclimated to the realities of the 24th Century, Onboard the Belfast-D. Under the command of Captain Sergi Ivanova. Most noted the recommisioned Starfleet Officers, Commander Patrick Devane: Executive Officer. Ensign Jason Ryland: Helmsman, Ensign Hidori Yoshida: Chief Engineer. The Klingon Security Chief Ensign Z'orjal and the Science/Operations Officer Lt.Commander K'elynn. 

The Belfast-D proved herself in the Battle of Andoria, the Battle of Q'onos, the Siege of AR-558, and the Battle of Cardassia Prime. During the Dominion Wars the Belfast-D served as a symbol of unity between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.  At Starfleet Academy, the Starship Belfast-D is a sought after first posting duty assingment, besides the Enterprise-E and the Venture. 

U.S.S. CALGARY * NCC-78201

Nemesis Quantum Torpedos

Constructed at the the Orbital Dockyards at Rigel IV a sister colony of Vulcan on Stardate: 56301.9. Under the command of Commander Matthew Bacardi,  the Calgary was performing her systems shakedown with a "Skeleton Crew" of 75. Unknown to Commander Bacardi, some of the Rigelian civilians assingned to streamline the warp drive were Romulan spies. When systems tampering was discovered by Security Chief Lt. Voran and Science Officer Ens. Alicia Locke, a fierce fire fight broke out in Main Engineering as five operatives killed eight crewmen and civilians. The Operatives pre-programmed the navigational computer for a direct course in Federation border with Romulan space, blinding visual sensors. As Chief Engineer Lt. Cmdr Aswar Aziz and his Engineering teams tried to regain access to the main computer core. The Calgary jumped to Maximum Warp, heading straight towards the Neutral Zone. Three of the Operatives were killed by the Calgary's Marines. With the other two commiting suicide rather than surrender.

With the Calgary racing out of control the subspace arrays were off-line. Unable to contact Starfleet, Commader Bacardi set the Calgary on a One Hour self distruct. Suddenly a message appears on the Main Bridge's Viewscreen. The Self destruct automatically cancelled itself. The Romulan operatives were apart of the resistance on Romulus. The Main Cell's Headquarters on Yaslon Prime was discovered by the Tal'Shiar. And under imminate attack. At the end of the message the Calgary dropped out of warp, in the middle of the Neutral Zone, in violation of Romulan treaty. All systems came back on line. Sensors detected an old damaged King CondorClass Warbird being pursed by two D'Deridex Class Warbirds.

The Calgary engaged two D'Deridex Romulan Warbirds near Yaslon Prime, responding to the King Condor's distress calls. The Calgary was hit amid ship by a equivilate of a romulan quantum torpedo, destroying deck 13, 14 and 15 in a Massive explosive decompression. Commander Bacardi ordered all non essential personnel and civilians to abandon ship. As the escape pods ejected, Bacardi had the Helmsman Ens. Carolyn Brightmoon to reverse course 180* straight towards the Romulan Capitol ship, channeling all available power to the forward shields. On First Officer's Lt. Commander Daniel Vaughn's mark, Chief Engineer Aziz ejected the damaged Anti matter pods at the D'Deridex Warbird at point blank range. The civilians on the escape pods witnessed the violent Anti matter explosion. Out of the vapor cloud, the Calgary emerged firing all weapons on the second Warbird. Crippled, the Warbird retreated back to Romulan space.

The Starship Calgary returned to Rigel IV with the Romulan resistance cell. The' Official' explaination of this Event- that the King Condor Class Warbird made it to Federation Space and was intercepted by the Starship Calgary.

  STARDATE:  56398.2 

U.S.S. ASGUARD * NCC-84571

Type: 1 Micro Quantum Torpedos

Constructed in Earth Spacedock yards on Stardate: 53829.1. The Starship Asguard under the command of Captain Kagome Tanaga was deployed to intercept an distructive Alien probe. On a direct course for Federation Space. The 29th Battlefleet lead by the Excalibur Class U.S.S. Acropolis engaged the translucent sphere. On first strike, the Probe sheared off the Acropolis's Port nacelle. As the Asguard entered the battle arena, the 29th Battlefleet lay in ruins in orbit above Tyco VI. The Acropolis survived though heavely damaged. Captain Tanaga orders a Engineering and Medical Triage team to the Starship Acropolis.  No sign of the Alien Probe was present. As a routine precaution, scans were made on the surface of Tyco VI. The Alien probe was hanging in the lower atomosphere. Drawing power from the planet's powerful cyclonic weather systems.

Upon detecting the Asguard's scans, the Probe discharged a focused electrical charge hitting the Asguard- knocking all systems off line. The force of the shock sent the Asguard spiroling into Tyco VI's upper atmosphere. With no helm control, the Asguard fell into the raging Cyclone. The Asguard survived the onslaught, but the Alien probe disappeared without a trace. On the orders of the Federation Counsul and Starfleet Command, Tyco VI  has been designated a Quarentine Zone. Banning Civilian traffic. Starfleet Intelligence discovered the Translucent Sphere was a weapon designed by the ignomatic Breen, scouting out the Frigid world of Tyco: VI. Though the scans from U.S.S. Asguard and the 29th Battlefleet were inconclusive. Starfleet has increased security in this section of space by the construction of Deep Space: Twelve. The reconstituted 29th Battlefleet was assigned the responsiblility of suring up the Federation defenses near the Breen borders, with the Starship Asguard as the Command ship of the Battlegroup.

The Starship Asguard is currently on patrol near the Breen Neutral Zone.


Type: 11 Photon Torpedos

The Stargazer-A continues the proud lineage of her predecessor, the Original Stargazer. Launched on Stardate 50102.9 under the Command of Captain Richard La Fontaine, the Stargazer-A was assinged to patrol the Federation/Cardassian Neutral Zone. On Stardate: 51459.0 the Stargazer-A recieved a distress call from Demilitarized Zone. A wing of Cardassian and Dominion ships were attacking a Hidden Maquis Base in the Argolis Cluster. Clearly the Cardassians has violated the Treaty of 2369. The Stargazer-A scanned the area, the Marquis Base was under attack by a Cardassian Keldon and (3) Jem'Hedar Attack Cruisers. 

Captain La Fontaine ordered the launching of (4) Class: IX Torpedos. Chief Engineer Lt. Micheal Armanti augmented the Torpedo's warp signatures to resemble Galaxy Class Dreadnoughts.  Moving past the Argolis Culster at extreme scanning range. Distracting the Dominion Attack Forces.  Two of the Dominion Attack Cruisers moved to intercept, while the remaining Attack Cruiser and Keldon began to systematically bombard the Planetoid with Poleron Warheads. Helmsman Lt. Sereyal Regher plotted a In-System Warp, Dropping out with in sixty-five kilometers of the planetoid's surface. The Stargazer-A fired all weapons at the Cardassian Keldon, obitherating her impulse engines.

The Jem'Hedar Attack Cruiser was fast moving, The Stargazer-A could not maintain a positive lock. Security Officer Cmdr. David Benteen set all phasers on Blind Fire. The Stargazer-A took a direct hit to her long range sensors. Unable to beam the Maquis survivors onboard. The Stargazer entered the Planetoid's atmoshpere. Taking heavy firepower from the Jem'Hedar. Flying threw heavy turbulence, a lightning strike took out the Stargazer's Impulse manifolds, forcing her to make a Emergency landing. The Jem'Hedar faired no better. Struck by a powerful windshear,  the Attack Cruiser crashed landed- exploding on impact.  Captain La Fontaine ordered the Marines to secure the Maquis compound. The Away Team Lead by First Officer Cmdr. Cassandra Taylor and Security Chief Cmdr. David Benteen. The Away Teams discovered why the Planetoid was so valued by the Maquis Rebels. The Planetoid was rich in Bentamite Crystals. This substance thought to be only manufacture, can enhance any warp drive by 120%.

Unknown to the Stargazer's Crew, a small troop of Elite Jem'Hedar Gamma's beamed onboard during the Emergency landing. As the Operations Officer Lt. Tyla Bennett headed to Main Engineering to confirm the possible readings with the Chief Engineer Lt. Micheal Armanti, when Jem'Hadar troops declacked and charged Main Engineering. The Stargazer was under Seige! Captain La Fontaine had evacuated Deck 11 as the Security teams secured Main Engineering. At the Maquis Stronghold, the Cardassian Forces beamed down to take the compound a firce fire fight, taking heavy casualties. Commander Benteen was able to erect a " site to site" transport of all friendly forces to the Stargazer-A's Cargo Bay: 4.

With Main Engineering sealed off, Lt. Armanti managed to get the Impulse manifolds back on line. The Jem'Hedar still helds sections of Deck 11 and trying to breach the upper decks. High above orbit, the Cardassian Keldon locked on to the Stargazer-A. Firing her disruptors. Captain La Fontaine had the Helmsman Lt. Regher launch the Stargazer-A, evading the disruptor blasts. Upon breaking the upper atmoshpere, two Kingon Chaqu class Bird of Prey attacked the disabled Keldon. The Stargazer-A finished her off with a salvo of Type 10 torpedos, as Captain La Fontaine decompressed Deck: 11 flushing the Jem'Hedar out into the hard Vaccum of Space.

The Stargazer-A was involved in the Battle of Andoria, the Battle of Bajor, and the Battle of Deep Space: 12. The Stargazer-A is currently on a Deep Space exploration mission in the Gamma Quadrant.


U.S.S. KYOTO * NCC-81372

Type: 12 Spread 3 Torpedos

The Starship Kyoto was constructed at the Orbital Dockyards of Utopia Planicia: Mars on Stardate: 542981.3. Commanded by Captain Enrique Salazar, the Kyoto was assigned on a 4 year Deep Exploration Mission of Sector J-25 in the Beta Quadrant. To explore the reign. Eleven years after the Starship Enterprise-D was thrown there by the entity known as "Q". Here the confrontation with the Borg lead to the Bloody conflict at Wolf:359. On reaching the reign, On Stardate: 560894.2 The Starship Kyoto ran across a derilect Alien freighter. The Qatadu Surviors claimed that their principal Colony was attacked by a Hive like species bent on assimilation. Captain Salazar had his Science Officer Lt.Cmdr Zandra Tate scan the region for any Borg Activity. First Officer Cmdr. Marcus Barnaby discovered the sub space resonance of a Transwarp Conduit. It's exiting vector was in the middle of the Beta Quadrant. At that moment the Kyoto was drawn into the Transwarp Conduit- Racing Wildy Out of Control!

On exiting the Conduit, the Kyoto was flung in the middle of an all out Attack on the Qatad Homeworld- Right as a Cube exploded, The Kyoto was flying head long into the on coming debris- Commander Barnaby raced for the Ops Station: "Zandra! Direct All Power to the Structural Integrity Grid!" Captain Salazar raced for the Helm: "ALL HANDS- BRACE FOR IMPACT!!" The Kyoto takes a direct hit to her Port Bow, sending the ship spiroling out of control. The shock of the force threw the Crew to the floor decks. A deadly plasma fly from all panels- Security Chief Ensign Iehiro Okada dodges a stray plasma bolt striking the Security station on the Bridge  In Main Engineering the whine of the stalled impulse engines are deafning- Engineering Chief Ens. Tana Los struggles to regain Helm Control-" Engineering to the Bridge! We need to purge the impulse manifolds, were looking at an impending Warp Core Breech!!" As the Kyoto gains her footing, Captain Salazar and Lt. Jelina Arden stablelized the Helm- "Red Alert, All hands to Battle Stations!" 

A Borg Tractor Beam locks onto the Kyoto. The Kyoto begins to shake violently. Captain Salazar turns to the main viewer as a green glor encompasses the Bridge- "Federation Starship, Registry NCC-81372... Resistance is Futile. You will exsist to Service us-" At that Moment the Borg were being Phased out of existance by pulse waves from the Qatadu ships. Captain Salazar was thrown back into his command chair as the Qatadu locked multiple tractors on the Kyoto- "Alien Vessel, You have Violated Qatadu Space! This is not your fight!" The Helmsman Lt. Arden turns to Captain Salazar and Commander Barnaby- "We've lost Helm Control? Four Quatadu Battlecruisers have us locked in a Tractor Net!" The Kyoto is being pulled sideways. Science Officer Lt.Cmdr Tate responds- "Our Shield are being augmented and bombarded with Tachyon radiation- It's the Qatadu!  A coherant Sub Space threshold is forming!" Security Chief Okada access the Tactical console behind the command chair- "Captain, The Defector Shields are being accessed, I can't lock them out!" At that moment the Qatadu battlecruisers push the Starship Kyoto into the Sub Space threshold.

The Starship Kyoto careens out of control inside the Sub Space Conduit. Chief Engineer Tana Los access His Master Console near the Warp Core, the intermix is racing threw the the conduits- "Tana to the Bridge!- The Warp Engines are running at 200% !! If I can't shut down the reaction, the Warp nacelles will fly apart from the Outrigging!!" The stress of the pylons can be heard all over the ship! Captain Salazar braces himself in the command chair-" If Anyone has a bright idea?!!..."  Commander Barnaby turns to Lt.Cmdr Tate-" Zandra, Invert the Warp field notation, diffuse the power outage threw the Deflector Array!" Lt.Cmdr Tate Ops console explodes as she accessed the Deflector Array- "Inverting Warp field... Oh, My God... A Borg Cylinder is in the cunduit with us, and ganing!!" The Kyoto falls out of the Sub Space conduit, Commander Barnaby turns to Security Chief Okada- "Fire Photon Torpedos Spread 3- Collaspe the Conduit!!" 

The Threshold contracts back (1) light year. Science Officer Tate access the Long range Scanners- "Here they Come!!" With the retraction of the Sub Space conduit, the Borg Cylinder is ripped apart from One light year away, the debris reached the exit point of the Kyoto's position. Captain Salazar stands from his Command Chair-"Ms.Tate, What is our Position?". The Science Officer is taken aback by the sensor readings.- "Captain... We are only a few parcets away from the Alpha Quadrant?" We have travelled Twenty Thousand light years from our previous position in the Beta Quadrant!"

The Starship Kyoto's Aventure to the Center of the Beta Quadrant had gained her quite the reputation. But it also gave Starfleet Intelligence cause for concern. With the distruction of the Transwarp Hub in the Delta Quadrant by the Starship Voyager. Seems to have done little to slow the Borg down. All indications are that they are on the Move. It was discovered that "The Qatadu" erased all scans taken in Qatadu Space from the Kyoto's Main Computer.

The Starship Kyoto is currently on a Deep Space Assingment in the Ramizad Sector.



Type: 6 Spread 3 Torpedos

The Potemkin-E was launched at the Earth Dockyards on Stardate: 48981.2. Under the command of Captain Andrzej Tojzia. During the Height of the Dominion Wars the Potemkin-E apart of the 27th Battle Group lead by the Excelsior Class U.S.S. Fearless on Stardate: 52198.4. Engaged the Cardassians near Beta Lankel.  Science Officer Ens.Daniel Ingram noted an Intrepid Class Starship leaving the Beta Lankel's third Moon Kythra at Maximim Impulse. The ship had a Federation Signature with an slightly unusual number of Lifesigns, more than a regular compliment for the Class. Captain Tojzia was concerned that the Potemkin would not be at her full fighting strength. With the Main Propulsion systems shutting down the day before. Chief Engineer Lt. Cmdr. Shran was able to unitialize the Warp Core in time.

Three Jem'Hadar Bug ships moved to enguage the retreating Federation Starship. Captain Tojzia ordered the Potemkin-E to intercept the "Unknown" Federation Starship. The Potemkin-E engaged the Jem'Hedar. The Potemkin-E's Security Officer David McGraw scans showed the "Unknown Starship" to be an Intrepid Class. But was not broadcasting "Transponder Codes". Captain Tojzia turns to his First Officer Commander Alexander Dubcek: "I want to know the Transponder Codes." Commander Dubcek headed for the Helmsman Ens. Realyn Kyle- "Rae, I need your finesse. Get us with in 50 kilometers of that starship. McGraw set phases to "Blind Fire"! Instantly the Bug ships are destroyed in the unslaught!

During the Intense battle, the Weapons from both sides caused a rip to form in the fabric of Sub space. The resulting explosion destroyed any ships in the epi center of the blast sent the Starship Potemkin-E threw the subspace tear! The Potemkin-E  found herself alone with (2) Keldons to deal with. Captain Tojzia ordered the Helmsman to pilot the Potemkin into the lower Atmophere of Beta Lankel's forth M: Class Moon "Kythra". Plagued with violent thunderstorms, the Potemkin-E took on the Keldons within the Malestrom. The Potemkin took a direct hit to her Warp nacelles, as she destroyed One of the Keldons. The Remaning Cardassian Keldon rammed the Potemkin Amidship, sending her spiroling toward the Planet's surface!

Emerging from a violent Typhoon, a lighting stike announces the Potemkin-E! As the Federation Starship streaks across the darken skies of Kythra! Lighting strikes the port impulse assembly. Commander Dubcek turns to the Captain- "Shields down to 30%!" Captain Tojzia stumbels towards the Helm- "All Hands, Code: Blue! Ensign Ingram- Reroute all available power to the Structural Intregity Grid!" Ensign Kyle turns to the Captain- "Sir, Landing Struts are deployed, The Potemkin-E gliding threw a dense Rain Forest. The Turbulent wind shears sends the Potemkin-E spinning 360* Slicing threw the Canopy into the underbrush, makes a harsh landing in the Forest Clearing. As the Crew survey the damage, Science Officer Ensign Ingram discovered the Identity of the Mystery Intrepid Class they scanned earlier. It was the Potemkin-E!

The Potemkin had fallen threw a temporal rift. Unnicial scans revealed the date to be Stardate: 30953.2. Since the Potemkin Hull was not strong enough to attempt the Time Travel "Sling Shot" effect. Captain Tojzia made the decision to keep the Potemkin-E Planetside. Until their conflict with the Dominion Forces- Twenty two years into the Future. To prevent the Potemkin-E from Polluting the Time Continnum. Dealing with hostile Natives and Deadly predatory lifeforms, there the Potemkin-E stayed until that faithful battle. 

The Potemkin-E is currently being retro-fitted at the Utopia Planicia Dockyards.


The Potemkin-E's Crew have had a difficult time in assimilating with thier relatives In the present day. Specialy Noted Ensign Daniel Ingram. Who tried to break the Temporal Prime Directive by flying a Type:9 Shuttlecraft near Beta Lankel's Sun- going back in time to Stardate: 52798.3. To disable the Potemkin-E. Ingram was intercepted by Captain Andrzej Tojzia. Ingram was successful in beaming aboard the Potemkin-E and Disabling her Propulsion systems. How ever Ensign Ingram's tampering with the Potemkin's Warp Engines caused an "undetectable" leak of Tachyons from the Warp core. When the Potemkin-E used the "Blind Fire" mode which gets it's power from the Warp core. That caused the Subspace rift that stranded the Potemkin-E, Twenty two years in the Past.  After the Incident with Ensign Daniel Ingram, Starfleet Medical called assembled the Crew of the Potemkin-E on Mars.

All were" reverted" to their "Physical States" before they were stranded in the Past. With the use of the Transporter Systems. By running thier recorded Patterns threw the Transporter Buffer. A Dangerous, but successful procedure.


U.S.S. EXETER * NCC-1697-C

Type: 11 Photon Torpedo

Launched at the Earth Orbital Dockyards on Stardate: 50201.8. Under the Command of Captain Serina Dyle. The Exeter-C was assigned to evacuate the crew of a Observation post near the Klingon Neutral Zone. When Hostilities broke out between Klingons and the Federation. The Klingons began to systematically attack all the Federation posts along the Neutral Zone. With the Attack of Outpost: 23 orbiting Gragaran II, the Exeter-C recived her distress call. While on an Intercept course. All Systems on the Exeter-C stopped functioning. The Ship fell out of Warp and was in "Grey Mode". First Officer Commander Adam Harkner tapped his com link- "Harkner to Main Engineering! What the Hell is going on down there?!". Chief Engineer Lt. Ethan Blake access his Main console- "All Systems Are being halted by a Internal program imbedded within the Main Computer... What the..?! An Omega symbol is flashing on all Monitors. Some kind of Message. I can't access it! We are also Broadcasting our position on all Subspace bands?! Our Shields are rotating resonating on Negative Harmonics! Were lit up like a Christmas Tree to any Enemy Sensors!" Captain Dyle heads for the Security Station- "All Hands Stand Down! Harker, Maintain Grey Mode. Reroute all Sensor readings to my Ready Room".

Starfleet Command Informed Captain Dyle that Scientists at Outpost: 23 were illegally working on the "Omega Molecule" weapon. As a Defense against the Dominion Alliance with the Cardassians. Unleashed, all Subspace would be destroyed in Cardassian space. Rendering them impotent as a Galactic power. The Klingon High Council was privy to this information. With the Klingon Empire Declaring War on the Federation. The Omega Molecule is a Sought after Prize. They could not send a Specailized team to the Exeter-C in time to deal with the situation. Captain Dyle's orders are clear. Destroy the Omega Molecule along with Outpost: 23. All other "priorities" are recended.

The Starship Exeter-C encountered a Klingon Vorcha Class Battle Cruiser and (3) K'vort Birds of Prey. Captain Dyle sent over three Away Teams consisting of 50 Striketrooper Marines. To take Key areas of Outpost: 23. The Exeter-C Sustaned Heavy damage to her Starboard Warp Nacelle, as the Klingons began thier unslaught- Damage and Fires on All Decks!  Captain Dyle and Security Officer Lt. Erich Stryker beamed over to Outpost: 23 as the Marines fought off crack Klingon Warriors. The Outpost's orbit began to degrade. The Exeter-C entered the atmosphere of Gragaran II. Captain Dyle set the Outpost's reactors to Overload, As the Away Teams and Outpost personnel were beamed back to the Starship Exeter. The Klingons breached the Reactor Room and a fierce firefight broke out. Lieutenant Stryker Access the Outpost's Transporter Arrays, locking on too all lifeforms within the Outpost.

The Outpost's Core was emmiting High levels of radiation. Captain Dyle ordered Commander Harkner to Warp out of the Area Immediately! The Exeter-C pulls away from the Outpost dissapering in the Clouds of the upper Atmosphere.  As Captain Dyle set off the Explosive wave, destroying the Omega Molecule along with the Outpost. The Exeter-C and the Vorcha Class Battlecruiser managed to escape the Wave. The heavely damaged Vorcha retreated back to Klingon Space. Captain Serena Dyle, Lt. Stryker and Twenty five Marines thought lost in the Destruction of Outpost: 23. They were discovered unconscience in the Exeter's Cargo Bay: 3. Along with (44) Klingon Warriors. The Exeter set off to Deep Space: 12 for repairs and to Drop off the Klingon Detainees. All were kept under heavy sedation.

The Starship Exeter-C is currently on a First Contact Mission to Encounter"The Suartra" who had just discovered Warp Propulsion in the Beta Cassia System.

      STARDATE: 51022.0



Type: 4 Quantum Torpedos

The Bellerophon first Appeared in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's 7th Season Episode "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" or "In Times of War, the Law falls Silent". Roughly aroung Stardate: 52575.9. The Bellerophon was escorting Federation and Romulan dignitaries to attend a Conference on the Jem'Hedar at Romulus. Dr. Julian Bashir was recruited by Agent Sloane of Section: 31 to access the "Pulse" of the Romulan Government. Dr. Bashir was joined by Admiral Ross on the Bellerophon. It was discovered that Section: 31 intent was to Assasinate the Chairman of the Tal'Shiar- Koval.

Manipulated by Agent Sloan, Dr. Bashir involved Romulan Seantor Kimara Cretak to help expose the plot to kill Koval.  Admiral Ross had an sudden "aneurysm". And was in Sick Bay being treated by the Bellerophon's Chief Medical Officer Doctor Frame. The Bellerophon was under a strict communications black out. Dr. Bashir was left on his own to deal with the situation. Bashir asked Senator Cretak to abtain Secret Tal Shiar information to expose the Plot. Apprended by the Tal Shiar, Bashir was interrogated by Chairman Koval and presented to the "Continuing Committee" of the Romulan People.  Chairman Koval proved Senator Cretak committed Treason against the State. By Presenting the "Rouge" Agent Sloan. Senator Cretak was removed from Office and imprisoned. Bashir was to be sent back the Starship Bellerophon.  When the Romulan Pro Cousule "remanded" Agent Sloan to the Custody of the Tal'Shiar for further... "Interrogation"- Sloane Attacked one of the Tal'Shiar Guards, taking his Disruptor. Chairman Koval fired his Disruptor, disintergrating Agent Sloan "instantly".

Back on the U.S.S. Bellerophon, Dr. Bashir confronted a very "Healthy" Admiral Ross. "Off the Record", Both Admiral Ross and Agent Slone was working together. The true Target, the removal of Senator Kimara Cretak from the Romulan Government. Though a" Friend " to Admiral Ross. She was, as the Admiral put it- "A Patriot First. Not above Negotiating a peace treaty with the Dominion". The true "Traitor" to the Romulan Goverment was Chairman Koval. Who was working as a Operative for the Section: 31. Who arranged for Agent Sloan to be transported a split second before he was hit by Koval's Disruptor. A very "Healthy" Agent Slane appeared in Dr.Bashir's quarters at DS9 in the Dead of Night too "congratulate Him on his work.


U.S.S. MAKO * NCC-81729

Type: 12 Photon Torpedos

Comminsioned on Stardate: 50234.9 At the Utopia Planicia Dockyards. Under the Command of Captain Vincent Stark. The Starship Mako was on a Secret Mission to the Gamma Quardrant. To scout the outlying systems of Dominion Space. To search for Allies. Hoping the Dominion would be forced to fight a War on two fronts. When Armed hostilities broke out with the Dominion. The Starship Mako found herself surrounded by Enemy forces. Nearly 1500 Light years from the Bajoran / Eidran Wormhole. The Mako had to fight her way back Home.

Hunted by the Jem'Hedar and the Vorta, Captain Stark managed to elude the Dominion Forces. The Mako suffered massive damaged on all Decks. Though Captain Stark made contact with several Alien Races opposed to the Dominion. They helped the Mako and her Crew out of "Hope & Fear". The Crew of the Mako could never fully repair the ship to 100% Full Strength. Due to the constant Attacks by the Vorta and Jem'Hedar. Stardate: 51984.3 the Mako made her final stand at "Ediran". Only a few parcets away from the Bajoran / Eidran Wormhole, She fought her way threw (5) Dominion Bug ships. There were Hull Breeches, Fires on all Decks! Threough the choking smoke and plasma fires, Chief Engineer Lt.Cmdr Ardira Ghali access her Control console- "Captain Stark- If your going into that Wormhole, make it Quick! Were Going to have an Massive Systems Faliure in 60 Seconds!!"  

First Officer Commander Kenneth Teszlar turns to Captain Stark- "The Mako can take much more of this! We need to Withdraw!!" Helmsman Ensign Byron Lansing turns back from the Helm- "Captain, were .5 parcets from the Wormhole! But I don't know how long I can evade these Poleron Beams!!" Captain Stark braces himself in the command chair- "Mr. Lansing- Full Impulse!!" At that moment the Science Officer Lt. Jamieson Clark notices his sensors going off the Charts- "Captain! I'm reading "high" verteron particals coming from the Wormhole's event horizon... and it's Increasing! Were looking at a Massive Shockwave!! Magnitude to the 12th Power!" Captain Stark Heads towards the Helm- "Stark to Main Engineering, Give me Maximum Warp!!! Mr. Clark reroute Emergency Power to the Shields!" Lt. Clark turns to the Captain- "Sir, If we do that, the ship's Hull will rip itself apart!" Commander turns to Lt. Clark "Damn it- Rip it Apart!!" The Mako make a Sharp 180* turn as Captain Stark Takes the command chair- "All Hands- Prepare for wide scale Breeches!!" The Jem'Hedar matches the Mako's manuever- At that Moment the Wormhole "Exploded"!! As the Mako jumped to Warp: One!

Helmsman Lansing turns to Captain Stark- "Sir, Were at Warp: One..." At that moment the Starship Mako began to shake Violently as her outer Hull began to flake apart! The three of the Jem'Hedar ships were caught in the Shockwave. The U.S.S. Mako and a Jem'Hedar Bug ship were thrown clear of the Blast. The Mako was Out of Control! Carening into the gravitational pull of the Planet Eidran.  As the Hull of the Mako Begins to Glow from the heat of re-entry, Captain Stark Heads for the Helm- "All Hands Code: Blue!!" Security Chief Lt. Tamara Howard turns to the Captain- "Sir Decks 4, 12, and 15 are not secured! Twenty Crewmen are trapped on Deck: 12. Toxic Contaminates are reported in the Ship's Air supply!" Commander Teszlar heads for the Science/ Ops Station- " Captain- The Landing Struts are not responding! All Hands Prepare for an Emergency Landing"!!

The Mako speeds over the Crystal Blue waters of Eidran's Tropical Oceans- On Fire, the Waters parts as Her altitude decreases. Helmsman Lansing struggles to Pilot the Mako- Aiming for any land mass- " Inertial Dampners at Maximum- Five Seconds to Impact!!"  The Starship Mako skirts the lush vegetation as she crash lands along a pristine Beach front, carving a three mile long line along the surface! The Ocean waves crash along the smoldering hull. Imbedded in the "Sands of Eidran" the Crew of the Mako were stranded. With Replicators down the Crew had to live off the Land. Unknown to Captain Stark, Eidran held another secret. The Jem'Hedar were in the final stages of finishing a Supply Depot. Located 350 kilometers from the Mako's landing site. Cut off from the Alpha Quadrant Captain Stark felt the Primary task was the repair of the Mako. Before she was discovered by the Jem'Hedar.

After Nine Months trapped along the Coral reef and Beach shore. The Hull of the Mako was repaired. With the inginuity of Chief Engineer Aidara Ghali and Science Officer Jameison Clark, the Crew were careful not to " raise" the energy emmitions of the Mako.  Or they would be detected by the Dominion Forces. Monitoring the Dominion sub space communiques, Captain Stark learned the Federation was at War with the Dominion. The Mako remained in "Grey Mode".  Commander Teszlar discovers the Wormhole has reopened. 

On Stardate: 53247.1 A plan was devised to "Raise the Mako". With the use of Shuttle crafts, Worker bees and Shuttle Pods. The Mako was raised from the white sands- As her Landing Sstruts were Deployed. A Jem'Hedar patrol spotted the Mako Hovering in the Pre-Dawn Sky. 

Immediately the Jem'Hedar Struck! Wounding the (12) Engineers on the Beachfront- Security Chief Lt. Tamara Howard layed down" suppersion fire" on the Jem'Hedar as they approached the Mako in force. The Wounded were beamed aboard, the Shuttle pod and light craft scurried back to the Mothership, under heavy fire from the Jem'Hedar. Off from the Horizon, three Jem'hedar Bug Ships were on a Attack approach! Sluggish, The Starship Mako was Airborne! The Dominion Forces open fire, as the Mako made a 180* turn moving upward into the Early Dawn of Eidran's Sky. The Mako had to fight for Every kilometer to break orbit. Long Range sensors detected a Dominion Warship, on a intercept course. Captain Stark ordered the Mako to make a "Dash" for the Wormhole, he have had his fill of the Gamma Quadrant! The Dominion Warship fired her Poleron Beams at the Mako, damaging her Port nacelle. The Mako entered the Wormhole with Dominion Ships turning away. To a" Surprised" Deep Space: Nine,  the ship thought lost during the Dominion Wars emerges from the Wormhole leaking warp plasma.

In Honor of the Starship Mako, She was made apart of the 1st Battlefleet, Commanded by Captain Jean Luc Picard on Stardate: 53400.9. The Mako's Crew was given Commondations for Bravery, and the Prestigeus Starfleet "Medal of Valor" and "Gold Leaf with Clusters". The Mako is Currently undergoing a "Major" refit under the watchful eyes of Chief Engineer Ghali and Captain Stark at the Earth Dockyards. The Crew of the Starship Mako is were given a (6) Month furlough in the Sol System.

The Starship Mako is currently on patrol Near the Cardassian Neutral Zone. Relocating the former Maquis and thier Families back too reclaim thier Colonies lost in the Federation / Cardassian Treaty of 2368.


U.S.S. OSAKA * NCC-79243

Type: 3 Photon Torpedos

Constructed at the Earth Dockyards on Stardate: 55230.8. Under the Command of Commander Samantha Harker.  The Osaka was on her final Shakedown Cruise with a Compliment of 100. The Osaka was enroute to the Weapons testing grounds in the Procyon System. When she was Attacked by Orion Pirates! Using Cloaking Devices, (2) small raiders attached themselves to the Hull of the Osaka, Days before. Suddenly Orion Raiders were Appering all over the Osaka! Sucurity Chief  Lt. Andrew Liu Activated "Red: Alert"- "Commander, We have Intruders matiralizing on every Deck! At that moment 7 Raiders materialized on the Main Bridge! A firefight broke out, First Officer Lt. Commander Gavin Pierce was wounded intercepting the blast ment for Commander Harker.  Helmsman Ens. Tracia Lawton was Killed by an Disruptor blast at Point Blank range! Before the Crew knew what was happening, the Starship Osaka was taken. 

The Orions used "Inter-Dimensional" Transporters to take thier new "Prize". The Leader of the Raiders Renn-Ja gave Commander Harker a choice. Surrender the Command Codes or He would "Space" 15 Hostages at the first sign to trechary! Commander Harker was lead to the Bridge of the Osaka. The Orions were unfamiliar with the LCARS controls. The Crew of the Osaka were forced to operate the Starship under the Command of Renn-Ja. The Orions used the Osaka to attack an unknown Alien Species the Hellions. Destroying thier Trading Post and five Freighters. Commander Harker knew she had to stop this Pirate, Before the Federation was plunged into a Galactic War. Renn-Ja paraded Commander Harker like a "Prized" Trophy.

To regain control of the Osaka, She would have to beat Renn-Ja at his own Game. She played to His "Ego" and vanity. Letting it "slip" that the Osaka was testing a new Prototype Photon Torpedo. The Raiders were eager to take revenge on the Helions. To Gain Control of thier shipping lanes. Harker was taken to the Bridge to access the Data- At that Moment, Harker broke free and made a "mad dash" to the Helm- "Computer: COMMAND OVERIDE LOCK OUT" the LCARS on the Bridge started blinging on and off. As Reen-Ja struck Commander Harker fiercely accross the face- Security Chief Liu Attacked Renn-Ja As they fought, the Bridge Crew attempted to retake the Osaka. One of the Raiders accidentaly hit the Helm during the Fight- the Osaka jump to Warp!

The Sudden "lurch" threw everyone to the floor deck! Bleeding, Commander Harker pulls herself up to the Helm to Plot a Course.  Renn-Ja grabbed Harker and throws her to the side. Trying to access the Helm- "You BITCH!! What have you DONE!!!" Renn-Ja pulls out his Disruptor, the Osaka lurches to her starboard side. She is flying head long between a Binary Pulsar! Harker retakes the Helm and boots power to the Impulse Engiens- "I don't think you Understand Pirate? You.. are" NOT"...  in control Here!!" The Raiding parties began to beam off of the Osaka. Lieutenant Liu access the Security Station- "Commander- Two alien vessels are attempting to disengage from the Osaka." As one of the Orion Raiders tries to decouple from the Osaka She is "Destroyed Instantly"! The other Orion Raider flies apart moving away from the Osaka.

The Crew of the Osaka race to thier stations, Harker tries to control the Osaka- "I can't break away from the Gravitational Forces!"Science Officer Ens. Walker Granger heads for the Science / Ops station- " We need to reroute all power to the shields!" Commander Harker Struggles with the Helm- "It's to late for that!! If were going in- We Go in Full Throttle!" The (EPS) conduits explode over the Bridge- Consoles explodes as the Starship Osaka flies threw the turbulent edies of the Binary Pulsar! The Light of the Binary Stars fill the Main Bridge! Lt.Cmdr Pierce access the command console- "HULL STRESS IS AT MAXIMUM TOLLERANCE!!" Ens. Granger braces himself- " There are Breeches on Decks 5, 9 and 13! Hull Temprature: 90000 Degrees! The Hull is begining to Buckel!!" Harker Holds the Osaka's Course- "I've Lost Helm Control!! Let's hope we have Enough Momentum!!"

The Osaka clears the Binary Pulsar only to be attacked by a Fleet of Helion Battlecruisers! Commander Harker heads for the Command Chair as Lt. Commander Pierce takes the Helm- "Captain, We can't take on these Battlecruisers!" Torpedo Fire from the Hellions rips a hole threw Deck: Seven! Commander Harker takes the Command Chair- " Discression is the" better" part of Valor!- Warp: 9.5, Mr.Pierce!"

As a result of this "Incident" Starfleet Command has issued a "Highten" Security Alert. For the Orion Sectors and the Hellions Region.

The Starship Osaka is currently at the Earth Dockyards undergoing refitting and Major repairs.



Original WTRIntrepid Model/Texture/Mesh: William T.Riker and L.C. Amaral

Model Conversion to Bridge Commander (Outrigger): c2x/MadJohn
Type 6/Type9 Torpedo Variant/ elphaser.tga/ Common Projectile Pack/ Intrepid Hardpoints: Elminster (Who never says "No" to a cool HP ideal) ;-)
Original Type 6/ 9 Torpedos/Voy TorpJLH/Photonvoy/TOSphotontorp/ Nemesis : c2x
KlingTorpJLH sfx/textures/projectile script: Cleeve
Multi Vector Assault Mode (MVAM 2.0) Infinity Mod: Sneaker98
MVAM Outrigger.mp3  file/ TNG 1st Season episode "Encounter at Farpoint: Picard's Choice": c2x /Blackrook32
Model Registry Retexture/Conversion Scripting/ Mod Pack Assembly: Blackrook32


Mod Projects W.I.P.


Prometheus Class Mod Pack (MVAM)
Excalibur Class Mod Pack
Intrepid Class Mod Pack v.2.0
Defiant Class Mod Pack
Nebula Class Mod Pack
Miranda Class Mod Pack


*Special Thanks to William T. Riker and  L.C. Amaral for making such a cool Intrepid Class model :-) 

* To the Guys beta testing the Intrepid Class Mod Pack- MadJohn, MeyhemUK, Queball and c2x.

Thanks to the BCU Community for your support with this Project.

Just install in the game, start it up and Rock On!!

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