Intrepid Pack 1

This pack includes 2 Intrepids, the USS Voyager and the USS Belerophon, and 2 Aeroshuttles, one for each ship. They'll all appear in a sub...


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This pack includes 2 Intrepids, the USS Voyager and the USS Belerophon, and 2 Aeroshuttles, one for each ship. They'll all appear in a submenu inside "Federation Ships menu". You can undock the Aeroshuttle using MVAM. VERY NICE ! Voyager has photons and tricobalt torpedos, Life support system (if destroyed crew dries in 1 minute) and her Aeroshuttle shoots photons. The Belerophon has ablative armour, photons and quantums, the shuttle shoots quantums. Both shuttles have multivectral shielding. A very worthy ship pack. Download ASAP.

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Download 'intrepid_ship_pack_part_i.rar' (14.05MB)

Intrepid-class Ship Pack Part I


Rick Knox:	Intrepid Model and Textures
c2x:		Phaser Texture, Phaser Sounds
LSailor:	Dorsal Phaser Possitioning, Original Photon Torpedoes
Sneaker98:	MVAM, Tri-cobalt Devices
ASDB_J:		Intrepid Icon
Major Payne:	Aeroshuttle Model and Textures
MLeo:		SubMenu Mod
Unknown:	Torpedo Texture (I think Durandal), Photon Torpedo sound (don't remember
		where I got it from, had it for a while.  If it is yours please tell me).

Thanks To:	Everyone at BCU who commented and supported this project.

If I have used some of your work in this mod, and I have failed to credit you, please let
me know in a POLITE manner, and I will credit you.  Any ignorance of giving credit is not
intentional, and I would ask that you accept my sincere appologies in the manner.

Instillation Instructions
Drag the Data, Scripts, sfx, and ShipTGL folders to your BC directory
Overwrite if asked

Known Bugs
NAV lights will become dislocated after using MVAM (NanoFX 2 bug)

Torpedo count will decrease after using MVAM (MVAM bug)

Aeroshuttle seperation/reintegration headings are not perfect

If you have P81's orginial Intrepid installed, you will need to change the phaser sound
name in the plugin file, since my phaser sounds are called "Intrepid Phaser" as are P81's.
Each one uses seperate phaser sound files, and faliure to change names could cause a
conflict in loading the sounds.  Most of the community should not have a problem doing this.
If you do, drop me a PM at BCU and I will talk you through the process.

BC 1.1 Patch
SubMenu Mod
ATP 1 or above (optional)
NanoFX 2 (optional)
MVAM 2 (optional)

I had originally planned on releasing each one of my revised Intrepid-class starships in a
single pack.  Unfortunately, the Intrepid and Saratoga are still undergoing texture
revisions, and since I am not good at editing textures, the work is proceeding slowly.
I figured that instead of letting Voyager and the Bellerophon sit on my hard drive
collecting dust, I would release them now and then release the Intrepid and Saratoga when
I finished them.

Both these ships now work with ATP.  Voyager now has a Life Support system, and the
Bellerophon now has Ablative Hull Armor, Breen Drain Weapon immunity, and a Life Support
system.  Of course, NanoFX 2 does not work with ATP 3, so if you have those, you'll have
to choose one or the other.  If you go with ATP, you will have to delete the NAV lights in
the hardpoints, otherwise you will see big white boxes above the ships.

The Aeroshuttle's hardpoints have been revised.  Each ship will now launch their own
Aeroshuttle.  Voyager's launches photon torpedoes, while the Bellerophon's launches quantum
torpedoes.  Each shuttle has Multi-Vectral Shielding, but no NAV lights.

This mod will not overwrite BlackRook32's and Elminster's Intrepid-class Mod Pack, or any
other Intrepid I can think of for that matter.  Enjoy!

Legal Information
This mod is downloaded and installed at the users own risk.  I am not responsible for any
damage done to your computer or your game by use of this mod.  This file may not be
redistributed in any form or manner without the consent of the originals author(s).  By
downloading and/or installing this file, you agree to the preceeding terms.

Contact Information
If you encounter a problem with this or any of my other mods, then please feel free to send
me a PM at BCU, or leave a comment at BC Files.  I will get back to you as soon as

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