JJ K'Ting'a Class Klingon Battle Cruiser (KM and Remastered Versions)

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The JJ K'Ting'a Class Klingon Battle Cruiser is based on the Klingon "Warbird" that appeared in the 2009 Star Trek movie directed by JJ Abrams.

This mod has been updated with plug-ins to load the ship into your ship list under "JJ Ships," as well as updating the torpedo in Remastered to "Photon 4" (TMP Torpedo) for compatibility with Remastered v1.2.  Please note that at this time, the disruptor noise is silent, though a workaround is in process.



The K'tinga class Klingon warbird is equipped with powerful pulse weapons and torpedoes. Coupled with the 
"cloaking device" the Klingon Empire has a formidable vessel.

In 2258 Starfleet uses a simulation to test a cadets reaction to a no-win-situation, in this simulation two 
Klingon vessels approach followed by three more which de-cloak. Cadet James T Kirk in command during this test
 reprograms the simulation to lower the Klingon ships shields, then using just one torpedo per ship he destroys 
them all.(whether this would be true to life in a real situation is unknown.)

At this time there has been a massive battle between the Klingons and an unfamiliar vessel, forty-seven ships
 were destroyed (possibly K'tinga class). It is feasible to assume that the Klingon Empire will re-build and 
with superior vessels, with stronger armour and weapons.

This is a manoeuvrable ship, as expected of a Klingon vessel, its speed and strength seem well balanced and the
 power systems need to be watched as when boosted the main battery can drain rapidly.


you will need to have installed the bridge commander patch 
[ http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/Bridge_Commander_Patch;2374 ] 

 and of course the Foundation  (which can also be found in BCut and KM and follow the readmes )

Kobayashi Maru is recommended to use

if you have Kobayashi Maru, many things (read the readme) are included, However if you Have Kobayashi Maru,
 Do NOT reinstall the Foundation or shuttle Launch framework.

===================== Credits ==========================
Thank you Taledin games for making Bridge Commander possible and
For the Patch that we use (1.1)

and Dasher42 for his Foundation mod that allows us to add more ships
  (the foundation comes bcut and in Kobayashi Maru)

USS Sovereign for BCUT (good tool) 

Kobayashi Maru -  by the KM Team

mesh\textures - baz1701

Back story\description - hobbs

hardpoint - TiqHud 

beta testing - baz1701 - Shadowknight1 - SF R&D  
[[ SF R&D team ,  hobbs [Uss Griffin], bankruptstudios, sovereign001, GMunoz, Linous, TiqHud ]]

ScreenShots contributed by beta testers

To install
just unzip into a Temp folder and copy-paste the contents into your main Bridge Commander folder.


BAZ1701 can be reached through BC-central

I can be emailed at  tiqhud AT gmail Dot com   [best if emailed] , or PMed at BCC , BCS:TNG

by the installation of this Mod-ship you agree that I or anyone mentioned in this readme, can NOT be held 
responsible , for the Messing up of Your computer


Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Star Trek The Next
generation, Star Trek Voyager (and various logo devices used in them) are
copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sounds
from the productions.

Updated 2023-05-12 by MSR1701 wtih the following changes:
- script for Torpedoes updated to use "Photon 4" (TMP Torpedoes) for BC RE v1.2
- Ship Plugin added to load the ship under "JJ Ships Ships"
No other changes were effected to the model, textures and scripts on this update.

This program is not made or supported by Activision. You may distribute this program freely as long as the original archive is distributed and no part of it, including this document, is modified or missing.

Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and related properties are Registered Trademarks of Paramount Pictures registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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