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JLS Delta Quadrant Pack

delta_quadrant_pack_1.0a.rar —


The File is Hosted on Gamefront, unfortunately due to its size i couldn't re-upload it to the servers however thanks to the author of the file it was already hosted on gamefront and you can download it from Here

Here is a "MUST HAVE" for all Star Trek: Voyager fans, the JL Studos Delta Quadrant Pack!

This is a huge and exstinsive mod, that touches on key species and adventures. That were seen during the Voyager series. This mod reqires at least 2.5 GB of free space, but it's well worth it!

With the use of Galaxy Charts v.2, you can now explore 20 immersive system maps, including Avery III, Ocampa, Talax, Sikaris, Vhnori, Transwarp Hub, Unimatrix, Tarok, Malon, Krenim, Vaadwaur, Veloce and the Ice, Water & Demon Planets. Along with canon regions like Fluidic Space, the Void, the Graviton Catapult, with the Caretaker & Suspiria Arrays. The maps are extremely large, that gives an added depth to the quickbattle simulation.

On the ships included species from the Krenim, Bomar, Hihydron, Zahl, Mawasi, Species 8472, Devore, Hirogen, Viidian, Dralian and of course the Borg Collective. All the ships are balanced, to give you the experience of actually being stranded in the Delta Quadrant.

Like in the Voyager series, you can partake in new means of travelling, like entering Fluidic Space. Using the Quantum Singularity as new interegrated tech, will give you a cinematic effect as your ship enters into the relm of Species 8472.

Overall, this ship pack will give the the closest experience of being lost in the Delta Quadrant.

So, if you thought you could have handeled things better than Captain Kathryn Janeway? Well here's your chance to test your metal and see if you can survive the riggors of the uncharted reaches of the Delta Quadrant! Getting your ship and crew home, in one piece...

Definately Download Worthy!

* Galaxy Charts v.2.0:

* Bridge Commander Universal Tool (BCUT) v.8.1:

* Nano FX2 Beta:


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