Jupiter Station



March/April 2004.

Mesh and Model by Red Dragon. Conversion to BC by Starforce2 Hardpoints, including Docking Points, by Jeff Watts, Jr.

This model was brought to life because of a request to have it as the Jupiter base in the Jupiter System, to be part of the Sol Multisystem. I posted images of the old original version from StarFleet Command: Orion Pirates. Along came Red Dragon with this revised version that Starforce 2 ported to BC and Jeff Watts, Jr. hardpointed. This model will work in ANY install of Bridge Commander. A plug in is included that has the model showing up in your Bases menu. - Chris Jones

From http://www.ditl.org

As part of the Ambassador class project, Starfleet had planned to build a set of operational spacecraft and then build six semi-complete vessels to keep as a reserve force, much as was done with the later Galaxy class.1 However, Starfleet decided to cancel this option in favour of increasing the reserve Galaxy force from two to six vessels instead. This decision came when the construction of the spare hulls had already been partially completed, so Starfleet was left with six Ambassador class primary hulls on its hands.

Various options were contemplated, most centring around turning the hulls into operational vessels. One idea was for a Centaur-style conversion, adding nacelles but not engineering hulls. However, Starfleet was not willing to expend even the reduced resources needed for this option. In the end it was decided to link the hulls together in order to create a space station; Starfleet had been planning to build a new station in Jupiter orbit, so this option would allow it to fulfil that need without having to design and produce new hardware.

The conversion went remarkably smoothly. Since the station was not considered a front line combat or defence station the weapons systems were removed, although the shields were retained. The hulls were stacked in groups of three, with each group linked together by bridging gangways.

This base is unarmed,

Simply unzip the files to any directory. Copy the data and scripts folders into the Bridge Commander install where you'd like Jupiter Station to be. No need to use BCMP here, there's already a plugin created so Jupiter Station appears in your Bases menu.


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