Kessok Super



Here is the Kessok super ship mod, this updates the textures and hardpoints of three vessels within the game, including the Kessok Light, Kessok Heavy as well as the Kessok mine. This will make each ship very powerful, the Kessok Heavy can take on several ships at once including possibly up to 3 sovereigns (though the AI can't do this) as its torpedoes can do a lot of damage. The Light ship can taken on several ships at once although not as powerful as the sovereign class. The main advantage of these ships is the torpedoes, a good torpedo run will easily destroy or heavyly damage a ship such as the galaxy (aim for the forward torpedos and the ship will rip in to two pieces).

Overall this is a highly recomended download.



Programmer:	CaptainBryan(CaptainCook/CaptainRussell)

-Bridge Commander
-BCMP(for ship TGLs)

	This download contains hardpoints and large texture upgrades for the Kessok Light and Heavy Cruiser as well as the Kessok Mine.  Newly-sharpened textures along with larger, more detailed "_specular" Targas are also included and give the ships better overall quality and make them not stand out as dull among starships from C2X, Rick Knox, and others.  NOTE: This mod will only run in high-detail mode.
	All three ships now hold four positron warheads per torpedo tube, and the Kessok Heavy Cruiser now has an aft torpedo tube and two aft positron beams.  The ships are also much faster and more maneuverable to compete with tougher starships from the modding community.

	Before extracting the RAR archive, go to "Bridge Commander/data/Models/Ships" and delete the folders "KessokLight" and "KessokHeavy".  Now go to "Bridge Commander/data/Models/Misc" and delete the folder "KessokMissleLauncher".  Now you're ready to put the mod in.
	Extract the RAR archive somewhere and then cut/copy and paste the "data", "scripts", and "sfx" folders into your "Bridge Commander" folder.  Do not add the ships to the game using BCMP; they'll be in the game automatically.  Now take the "Ship TGLs" folder and paste it into your "BC-Mod Packager" folder, and then use BCMP to update the KessokLight and KessokHeavy TGLs to the game - it may refuse to do so at first, but click the two TGLs and then click update again and it will work.  I hope you like this mod.

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