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Kestrel Class light cruiser -  U.S.S. Merlin

KESTREL-class cruisers carried the upgraded SSWR-XA reactor and scaled-down versions of the new Merlin nacelles (designed for the upcoming VALLEY FORGE class), which were better able to achieve high warp speeds on demand (maximum, warp 6.4) as well as higher cruising speeds (warp 4.5). Weaponry included phaser cannons and the newly developed photon torpedo. Both energetic and physical shielding was increased to withstand sustained phaser volleys and nuclear warhead detonations. Most scientific facilities were removed to increase spaces for deuterium storage, munitions, shield generators, damage control, a larger sickbay with casualty center, and a more powerful, more dynamic impulse drive. The exploratory bridge module with an emphasis on science stations was replaced with a combat bridge with high capacity links to weapons-control processors and target acquisition sensors. The low draft typical of "neckless" Andorian designs and the extensive countermeasures suite contributed to Kestrel's small sensor profile. Long-range passive sensors allowed Kestrel to quietly scan extensive areas of the frontier for enemy raiders and scoutships. Unsupported endurance was approximately 6 months.

The lead ship of the new class, USS KESTREL (NCC-1406), entered service with Tactical Command in February 2223. By December 2223, 8 KESTRELs had joined Starfleet. Most were sent to patrol the Federation's borders with the Klingon and Romulan Empires. Working with the Lancaster and Queztalcoatl ships already on station, the KESTRELs formed the outer shell of the Federation's defensive sphere. Because they were small, stealthy, and less expensive to maintain, KESTRELs were well suited to silently monitoring border areas for raiders and smugglers. KESTRELs immediately became popular with crews for its powerful weaponry, robust shielding, and agility at both warp and impulse speeds. They were also popular with the starship buffs in the general public. Reports in the popular press likened KESTREL to a energetic snapping turtle: fast and well-armored with a nasty bite.

*Text from the Starfleet Museum

Design - Masao Okazaki - Starfleet Museum (http://www.starfleet-museum.org/index.htm)

Mesh / Textures - Chris Harris aka Dead Meat ([email protected])	        		

BC convertion / Hardpoint - Zambie Zan ([email protected])

Model made/edited using: 3DS Max + Photoshop


Kestrel Class

2 torpedo launchers (2f)
3 phaser banks (1f/1p/1s)
2 pulse phaser cannons (2f)


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