Klingon D 4 battle cruiser



during the mid 22nd through mid 23rd centuries. The distinctive silhouette became as much a symbol of the Empire as the Imperial Trefoil itself, and was carried forward into the D6 and D7 classes.[edit] HistoryThe D4 class entered service in the 22nd century, and by the early 23rd century was the mainstay of the Klingon fleet, though it was eventually supplanted by the D5 class. (TOS novel: The Final Reflection)Some D4s served into the 2260s; Starfleet included them in Klingon tactical simulations, where they fought alongside the later D7 class against Constitution class vessels. (ST reference: Ships of the Line) Due to cropping the D4 class does not actually appear in the image describing these events in the book, but was in the same image, "It Would Have Been Glorious!" by Robert Bonchune, in the original calendar publication. [edit] Known vesselsIKS Begh'poQ IKV Blue Fire IKS Chong'pogh IKV Death Hand IKS Deb'choS IKS Duy'Hub IKV Fencer IKV Fury IKS Gho'be' IKS GhoH'Sot IKS Hob'DIS IKS Hurgh'ragh IKS Luq'argh IKS MajQa'be' IKS NaS'puchpa' IKS Nay'par IKS PiqaD'nem IKS Qugh'tung IKS Qup'SoH IKS Qut'Such IKS TaD'moH IKS TajHu IKS Tar'be IKV Two Fingers IKS Wuv'a'tem[edit] BackgroundThe primary design this page refers to as D4 has so far only appeared in the 2006 Ships of the Line Calendar and Ships of the Line book. The design was created by Robert Bonchune, intended to be used in the Enterprise episode Unexpected, unfortunately as the production team had been over worked on the earliest Enterprise episodes they did not have time to make the model and a K't'inga class was used instead. Later appearances by the Klingons only featured specifically Enterprise era designs and Bonchune did eventually make a model of the D4, but it did not make an appearance on screen.Before Enterprise even existed the D4 class had been referred to in the novel The Final Reflection where until the early 23rd century it made up most of the Klingon fleet, unlike in Enterprise the D5 class was not contemporaneous of the D4 but was a new 23rd century design which eventually supplanted the D4.The game Legacy also features a D4 class, an Enterprise era vessel but not the Bonchune design, this type of D4 is also known as the Predator class in the game.


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