Klingon Enhancement Pack



The is a HP pack that has a Negh'Var and Vor'Cha HP in it that's about it. ussrelativity made this And I will fix the name later.



Klingon Enhancement Pack by ussrelativity

I have made a hardpoint file for DX's Negh'Var class ship, since it did not have one originally.
Also, I have made an upgrade for the stock Vor'Cha class attack cruiser as a bonus.

Original Negh'Var model:
Model: DamoclesX (you can find the person at BCU [www.3dactionplanet.com/bridgecommander)]

The Hardpoint file (a modification of the vor'cha hardpoint) was made by me, ussrelativity.
This is my first hardpoint I have successfully made, now that I've got the Model Property Editor 
down really well!  I hopt to make more hardpoints and fix some errors from some mods.

Here is an updated version of the hardpoints I made earlier to fix a few bugs.

Enjoy! - ussrelativity of BCU and other Star Trek related gaming sites.

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