Klingon Frigate

This is the original Taldren Klingon DD from SFC/KA with enhanced textures and some new weapon mounts. The result? A small Klingon frigate...


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This is the original Taldren Klingon DD from SFC/KA with enhanced textures and some new weapon mounts. The result? A small Klingon frigate with good weapons coverage. Handles well ingame. Cloaking device included. Download it and go after some Federation scumdogs! Q'apla!

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Download 'sfpkfrig.rar' (493KB)

this is an enhanced version of the Stock Taldren KDD to depict a Heavy War destroyer or Light Cruiser.  Credits as on original.

credit for the idea for this ship goes to Khemarraa, aka Sandman aka Terrance Dunn-Roff, an old comrade from the D2.
We have funny ideas that maybe every so often a ship design ought to reflect what might actually happen LOL.  In other
words this isn't another scaled up Brel with a cool name and guns big enough to shoot fighters out of.

All textures were sharpened and some changes made to them.  All texture changes are my own work.  All mesh changes  
except for the Warp engines are my work.

uses standard KDD hardpoints.

I used Lord Delekhans component warp engine assembly and textures.  Thanks to LD
for making these available to all of us.

""""""""""""""" check Lord Delekhans site at  http://www.ldrealms.org/sfc/  

As this is a rework of the Taldren ship, feel free to do any enhancements/changes.  If you keep the warp assemblies
please credit Lord Delekhan in any readme files.

JR Grant, aka Gow,  [email protected]  July 2002

...................... From Khemaraa Iron Hand aka Sandman, aka Terrance Roff .........................
Intended as a light cruiser replacement (replaces the stock klingin d-5 model (kcl))
for a better movie era ship.  Gow did a wonderfull job on this project, and it is our hope you enjoy flying here as much as we enjoyed creating here..

Most cordially
Terrance "Sandman" Roff

The two additional folders in the archice contain a plain wing without the pennet, (plain wing) and a set of high res textures for those of you with higher end vidio cards.

Bridge commander info:
Conversion and HP's: Starforce2
Weapons: Kvort weapons (modified...does not overwrite kvort installs)

4 main fwd firing pulse cannons
4 defensive cannons firing aft quarter arcs
2 warp shunted heavy bust disruptors (fwd firing from nacelles)

Disruptor beam properties have a alrge system radius so firing at the nacelles should damage them (since they use the nacelles as plasma accelerators to create the beams when not at warp). Defensive arc pulses are not as strong as fwd ones.

Also, if you look cloely you'll notice the cannons for the fwd arc a twin barrel, but one pulse is fired. This is because they're so close together you'd only see a single pulse anyways.

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