Klingon Tactical Officer



Klingons the name of the game with this mod. It replaces a good majority of felix's dialogue with the klingon tactical officers dialogue. The only thing that remains felix is the report command, and the occasional sir, or aye. This is definitely a get, especially if you've grown tired with Felix's monotonus voice.



It lets player here the sound of the klingon replacement tactical officer instead of hearing felix. its 2.1 megabytes  so i have to send you 2 files with seprate pieces of the sound. I can only do 1.5 megabytes at a time. Sorry for the inconfence. I'll make em so you just put one down and let the next one go over that one. 

The data files (the original files) will NOT be in here so you have to use the original files with the ones im sending now. (Id do it myself but there comes that attachment memory again

Jack was the one who made the original file, so he deseves the credit of making the file I just get the cridet of adding sound.

Sound addon by Wagner
[email protected]

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