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This enhancement for KM provides new torpedoes, shields fx, and many ships replaced with better versions. New hardpoints and specular maps a...


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This enhancement for KM provides new torpedoes, shields fx, and many ships replaced with better versions. New hardpoints and specular maps as well as low, medium and high textures available for all ships.

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Download 'kobayashimaru_pimped_final_v0.9.1.rar' (64.18MB)

Kobayashi Maru PIMPED

This is an optionall upgrade for KobMaru users, not supported by original authors.

Note that if you wish to play this mod online both the host and the users will have to have this upgrade installed!!!

Author: P$YCH0

Ship models replaced:
Defiant with 9of9 Defiant
Sovereign with CG Sovereign
Galaxy with SNS Galaxy
Nebula with Erazoren's Nebula class
Phoenix with Erazoren's Phoenix class Neb. Variant
Cheyenne with LC Cheyenne
Miranda with ZZ Miranda
Constitution with ZZ Connstitution refit
Excelsior with my (P$YCH0)Excelsior
Akira with SNS Akira
Norway with C2X Norway
Galor with 9of9 galor
Keldon with 9of9 keldon
Warbird with LC Warbird
Valdore with ZZ Valdore
K'Tinga with ZZ D7 TNG Ktinga
Vorcha with ZZ Vorcha
Marauder with SFP Stock marauder replacement
Borg cube with C2X BOBW Borg cube

Torpedo replacement's
Durandal's Photon, Quantum and PhazeQuantum torpedos which were modified so that only visually they are changed.

New Shield Texture(readme is SNSAkira pack)

Textures optimised and there are High, Medium, And low textures for all of the models included.
Additional specular maps made.
Hardpoints-original KobMaru 0.9.1 HP's modified to suit the new models.

BCS TNG - The Beggining

Special thanks to: Mateo and USS Sovereign for beta testing.

Bridge Commander
Bridge Commander 1.1 patch
Kobayashi Maru 0.9
Kobayashi Maru 0.9.1 patch

RECOMENDATION: Create a new clean Bridge Commander installation for this MOD or backup old.
1. Install Bridge Commander
2. Install Bridge Commander 1.1 patch
3. Install Kobayashi Maru 0.9
4. Install Kobayashi Maru 0.9.1 patch
5. Install Kobayashi Maru PIMPED
6. IMPORTANT step: Open folder: ...Data/Models/Ships/Sovereign/... THEN DELETE FILES Sovereign.tga, Enerprise.tga From the HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW folders...
7. Start the game and enjoy

None that I have come across!

Legal stuff:
If you wish to use any part of this mod for any other mod or a different game please contact the authors for permission!

Star Trek, Star Fleet Command, Star Trek: Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

Any problems, questions, suggestions, etc... e-mail me or post at BCUniverse


Enjoy ;)

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