Krakow class



first ship that the project resurrects - the Excelsior Mark IV refit -codenamed- Krakow class. The Krakow class is the first ship restored back to service after devastating war with Dominion-Cardassian union. Hull structure and design prooved to be much more versatile than any Starfleet vessel ever built, although many of it's class were lost during the war, Federation was in need for trusted and reliable designs that could be restored quickly. Krakow class brings Excelsior line to whole new light with it's state of art hull armour and weapons systems, as well as new warp and impulse drive, more cargo space for deep space assignments and very efficient defensive systems. Krakow class is a multirole cruiser capable of taking different missions like escorting, exploration, defense/offense, recon or diplomatic missions. Armaments contain 12 heavy Type XIII phaser arrays fixed to burst fire mode in high energy blasts, 4 torpedo launchers with complement of 240 MK2 quantum torpedos.


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