Here is the Kteremny a klingon vessel from the TMP Period, this ship is armed with 7 Disruptors, 2 pulse disruptors and 2 torpedo tubes that...


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Here is the Kteremny a klingon vessel from the TMP Period, this ship is armed with 7 Disruptors, 2 pulse disruptors and 2 torpedo tubes that can fire 4 torpedoes forwards and 4 aft. This ship is smaller than that of a miranda class starship and easily more powerful. The Kteremny is more than a match for the refit constitution, although will struggle against the Excelsior class and above. The Kteremny is the equivalent of a Klingon TMP version of the Defiant, although no match for the Defiant itself or any TNG ship above the Light Cruiser level.

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====Starforce Productions/Outalance Kteremny=====

Author : Klingon Fanatic
Model Design: Terradyhne
Model Concept: unknown
Textures: Terradyhne
Additional Textures from WickedZombie45's VoDleH as tweaked by Ganymad and applied by : Klingon Fanatic.


D9: K'terenmy

length : 251.2
width  : 174.9 m 
height : 38.9 m 
displacement : 111 000t
cruise : Warp 6 (TNG) 
combat/max. : Warp 8 (TNG)
phaser banks  - 0 
disruptor banks - 10  
photon torpedos  - 2 (1 front, 1 back)

Actual weapons locations:
4 neck disruptors, (1 port and star, dorsal and ventral)
1 Ventral Disruptor
2 Aft Disruptors
2 Nacelle mount pulse cannon
1 fore and aft 4 shot torpedo tubes.

This vessel is smaller thana  miranda but more powerfull than a constitution. Consider it a klingon tmp defiant. It is also fast an manuverable. As with most klingons, most of the shields are foreward.

Vessel history:
On SD 7904.36 the Federation starship Knox (NCC-1940) intercepted a coded distress signal while on patrol along the disputed region of Federation-Klingon borderspace. 
The message, which originated from a vessel in Klingon space, was directed at the Klingon construction facility in the Kohl system. 
It indicated that a prototype warship had developed an imbalance in its warpfield generating capabilities while on trials. 
The resulting wormhole had left in unable to move or navigate. Knox immediately dispatched two surveillance drones to examine the stricken vessel. 
What they found was something Star Fleet had been expecting--a new design of Klingon destroyer which represented a substantial improvement over the K't'inga class of heavy battlecruisers.
For a short time thereafter a number of reports were received concerning the appearance of various destroyers of this K'teremny class. 
Then, on SD 8059.76, starship Bradley (NCC-2502) became the first federation vessel to come face to face with one of these impressive warships. 
The scientific research team on the fourth planet of UFC 24187 dispatched an urgent hyperlink communiqué to Bradley stating that long range sensors had picked up a Klingon warship entering Federation space and heading for their system. 
Bradley arrived at the planet only slightly ahead of what turned out to be the K'teremny class destroyer Raga. 
When confronted, the ship's captain laid claim to the planet in the name of the Klingon Empire. 
Star Fleet had been expecting this move however, as it had been known for some time that the Klingons were very interested in duplicating the genetic makeup of the planet's chest-bursting parasites. 
Thus, Bradley was well prepared for the subsequent battle with Raga. 
Still, it was only with the greatest excersize of skill that Bradley was able to defeat the powerful warship, and even so, they were unable to take possession of their prize before the vessel initiated self-destruct.
The encounter between Bradley and Raga did provide Star Fleet with much valuable data concerning the destroyer's capabilities, however. 
Its broad spectrum of offensive and defensive systems, combined with it's low mass, warp-dynamic design and incredible ability to drop from hyperspace to realspace with practically n breaking time make it an extremely dangerous opponent in either warp or sub-light combat.
This was made eminently clear in the pursuit of the destroyer Qrish (The lion of Kazh) by Federation starships Achilles (NCC-551), Ajax (NCC-547) and Hood (NCC-1707) on SD 8608.51-8608.54. 
Star Fleet, upon discovering that Qrish was missing from her base in the Shahkur star system, suspected she was bent on commerce-raiding or worse, and dispatched a task force to find her. 
Discovering them between borderspace and Donatu, the task force gave immediate chase. 
The Enterprise class heavy cruiser U.S.S. Hood was destroyed in the ensuing battle, and the new destroyer Ajax withdrew badly mauled. 
Qrish escaped unscathed.
The "K'teremny" was never seen in films or on TV. 
Its sleek destroyer design looks a bit like a flattened "K'tinga" cruiser. 
It has a bigger wing span than the "K'tinga" cruisers, a higher firepower and combines higher speed with a better maneuverability. 
This fan design is only seen in the "Federation Reference Series" and "Starship Design" of the "Star Fleet Printing Office" (yes, that's the company's name).

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