KUU is a multiplayer mod designed to provide an alternative to the current 1.2 and 1.3 C2 mods currently being widely used. This mod feature...


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KUU is a multiplayer mod designed to provide an alternative to the current 1.2 and 1.3 C2 mods currently being widely used. This mod features 18 new models, built on 1.2's original cast of ships. In addition to this 8 new weapons have been created, with a few new sfx sound effects.

KUU is the first Bridge Commander Multiplayer mod to offer starship variations, while it lacks the customization of SFC3 it does give the option of new tactics to be developed by players with the use of mine layers, Assult classes and fast interceptors. The Variations bring the federation ships alone to a massive 41 starship listings, all ships in total are now 94, with more planned in patches.

Some ship sizes have been addressed such as the Defiant, Intrepid, and Excelsior models. This mod also adds ships such as the Promethious, Bird of Death and some Admarda ships.

Each of C2's original scripts has been completely redone to include realistic weapons and positions, duration and numbers. Data was pulled off the www.ditl.org website, though the game is not totally faithful to it in favor of game play they are closer then C2's.

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Download 'kuubuild067.exe' (51.71MB)

KUU Patch Beta
Build 067


The installation is an easy one, first you installed Bridge commander, and then the official 1.1 patch from activision, next download the KUU, run the install file, type in your bridge commander directory i.e. C:\program files\activision\bridge commander

It is very important that you not have Oddessys 1.2c, MPMP or any other patch installed, other then the official  1.1. The KUU Build 067 is Standalone only!


Not one single ship is unchanged from 1.2b with the exception of the Borg. I've added 18 new models, and there are at least 41 variants. I have added 8 new weapons, including Cloaked Gravidic Mines. Each ship variant has a code, those that don't are simply standard classes. These  codes are, CC, LF, M, S, HA, Ex, Esc, I, and HI. 

CC = Combat cruiser (starships built for all round combat duites)
LF = Light Friget (These are usually support ships for captial cruisers)
M = Mine layer (These lay cloaked Mines)
S = Scout (These have stronger a defence then offence)
HA = Heavy Assult (These are capital command ships)
Ex = Explorer (Basic variants, designed for exploration so haven't received War refits)
Esc = Escort (Basically a warship design using the lastest technology to create small powerful warships that can be used for attack or the escort of convoys, there is no single set standard for what the ships can do)
I = Interceptor (These are fast ships used to harry feaing starships until the captial ships can arrive.)
HI = Heavy interceptor. (The same as the Interceptor, but it does not require backup for large targets)
PC = Phaser Cruiser (Used to protect TC's and disable base sub systems without causing more damage to the installation hull. These shield ususally relay on phasers alone."
TC = Torpedo Cruiser (Because of Starfleet's bias towards exploration rather then conflict, they refitted some starships with massive torpedo loads, resulting in massive offensive ability, but requiring frequent resupply after engagements)

There are new weapons in the game, these include, type 13 Burst Phasers, RDF (Rapid Fire Disruptor) Light, heavy, and medium, AdvancedAI torpedos (See interceptor class, they are white torpedos), Station torpedos, Plasma torpedos, Romulan heavy cannons (see shadow assult class) and Mines (see mine layer class)


This is the first completed and playable version of KUU, as this is a first release, and I only have the ability to test the ships with my brother over the LAN, I suspect there will be problems with it. Because of this I've set up group at http://groups.msn.com/bckuu anyone is welcome to join and leave tips, messages and flames, if I did a bad job I want to know about it. Remember though, I did not make any of the models featured in KUU, I only spent 12 weeks asking for permissions, re-designing Hardpoints and working out the bugs.

Under the federation mutliplayer menu there are three ???'s First, is a Constellation Class, the second is a Constellation refit, and the third is a Promethius class. I am aware of these errors but for some reason the BCMP software isn't updating the TGL's properly. I will look into this when I have time, but my priority is getting the extra ships written for the upcoming 075 build. All federation ships do work reguardless of unpolished names and discriptions.

The Klingon, and Romulan ships are unfinished but playable.


Activision and Totally Games, for an awesome game.

Staryards Team (www.staryards.com)
Nine of Nine
Lord Bile

UCF Clan
GA Hartman

Origanal 1.2b Author, which KUU is based on.

KUU Patch Author

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