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Here is the Lafayette Class cruiser, a Federation Starship based after the Dominion War. It is armed with a total of eight phasers and a tot...


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Here is the Lafayette Class cruiser, a Federation Starship based after the Dominion War. It is armed with a total of eight phasers and a total of six torpedo launchers that are capable of firing four torpedoes forward and two aft. This ship is a fairly powerful ship as I found out while testing it out in a KM1.0 install. The Lafayette managed to easily destroy a dominion battlecruiser (taking minor damage), a Galaxy Class (shield damage) and a Vor'cha (shield damage). While against a Sovereign it won once out of three battles although I suspect there was a lucky hit in the battle that the Lafayette won.

A detailed and well made ship that would go well with any attack group, although for fun I would suggest you try this against a small federation destroyer fleet, a small dominion task force or against a Sovereign to see how long it lasts. Although this ship would be perfect for escort ships as it would be able to survive hit and run attacks (or even making the hit and run attacks)

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***********LaFayette Class Heavy Cruiser BC ver 1.0***********




The U.S.S. Lafayette is a Post Dominion War Cruiser. Designed in the early years of Star Fleet's Re-Build Phase, The Lafayette Class has quickly become a favorite among Fleet brass.
The success of the Lafayette has lead to two other Class ships based on the design.
The Explorer Class Heavy Cruiser and Nimitz Class Carrier are currently in there final shake down and expected to join the fleet in the near future.....

****Design and Build History****

The Lafayette was the 5th ship I did for ST:LEGACY. Originally I had envisioned the Nimitz Class Carrier to 
be able to separate into 2 halfs.The Lafayette started as just a Saucer section and warp nacelles. 
However since Legacy doesn't support support separation and I liked the way the ship looked without the
Nimitz bottom half the Lafayette was Born.With the Miranda Class as an inspiration I added the rear 
Shuttle Bays and weapons pod..I also Mirrored the Saucer ALA Constellation Class and added the Sensor Pod
to the bottom half.


TEXTURES, MODEL AND HPs BY Coolguyli27 (A.K.A longisland26)
(Bethesda softworks for a few textures snips) 

Thanks to NanoByte for NanoFX

Thanks to USS Sovereign for Bridge Commander Ship Menu Creator 5.0

Thanks to Dasher for the Foundation

I would like to say thanks to all the amazing modders who have kept BC alive over the years...

Thanks to the modders in the legacy Community ,who with there work, revived my interest in Modding...

You can check out my legacy work at

Most of my stuff is also included in the Ultimate Universe Mod (

This file contains an original model and textures. please ask for 
permission before redistribution.

Have fun and enjoy
Coolguy (e-mail Coolguyli25 AT aol DOT com)

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