This is the Larsian Prototype Warpship.


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This is the Larsian Prototype Warpship.

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Download '' (1.59MB)

Here it is, My first ship, the Larsian Prototype Warpship!

Just extract the archive to your Program Files directory, and add it to the game with BCMP....

About the ship:

The ship is equipped with a Prototype High Energy Phased Plasma Beam. It's shields are moderate to disable.
The beam's firepower is around 1500, but it is the only weapon of the ship. The Larsians is my own race i imagined it.
It is a prototype warpship because this ship has the first warp engines of the Larsians.

Mesh - Me (Admiral Abrahams)
Textures - Me
Hp - Me
Tactical Icon - Me

Thanks for the download! 
    Hope You like it!
	Admiral Abrahams

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