Late TNG Galaxy Bridge (Retexture)

Here is a retexture for the Late TNG Bridge that was created by the 3rd Era Team. This retexture has two main changes firstly the roof colou...


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Here is a retexture for the Late TNG Bridge that was created by the 3rd Era Team. This retexture has two main changes firstly the roof colour at the top of the bridge has been changed from the original blue colour to a red colour during red alert and secondly the addition of "MVAM Maps" to this bridge which includes a condition blue color scheme to the bridge where the status panels, roof and the alert lights go to a blue colour during any MVAM sequence.

MVAM Maps is a feature available in the new version of BPCore which will be released soon, the feature will not work with the currently available Core.

Highly recommended for those that want to see a blue alert on the Galaxy bridge even if it is only during a Multi Vector Assault Mode type of action. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up your files.

Please Note that the following files are required for this bridge retexture to work

Late Galaxy Bridge Kobayashi Maru 1.0 for the Bridge Plugin Core Gold

The latter Bridge Plugin is Currently a Beta and will no doubt have bugs that may not have been fixed as of yet, please download at your own risk.

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Download 'late_tng_galaxy_bridge_update.rar' (857KB)

Late TNG Galaxy Bridge (Update)
By - BSilver2988

This is my take on the late TNG galaxy bridge originally created by the extremely talented 3rd Era Team.  This 
basically has two major changes to it.  First, the roof color at Red Alert was changed from the original blue color
to a red color, which i believes adds a more battle alert type feel to the bridge.  Secondly, and most importantly,
I have added MVAM maps to this bridge.  Since the Galaxy class was kinda the innovator of the Multi-Vectored 
Assault Mode, with the emergency saucer separation, i felt that the Galaxy bridge should have MVAM alert lights of it's
own.  Now, when you activate MVAM on the Galaxy bridge, the bridge goes to Condition Blue, the roof turns to Blue, 
and the status panels and alert lights go blue (see screenshots).  

Now, this is an overwrite, but the changes are very small.  I would suggest backing up your
file, and roof texture files, before installing this, just in case you don't like the Red Roof.  Also, you need the
Late TNG Galaxy Bridge and the Bridge Plugin Core Gold 2.0 Beta that was just released by the 3rd Era Team for the
MVAM maps to work.  

 - Copy the Scripts and Data Files into your Bridge Commander Directory.
 - Make Sure MVAM Maps are enabled.  
 - Initiate MVAM and enjoy.

 - I can't get the Alert Bars along the side walls to blink..but i think it's a limitation of the way the Late
TNG Galaxy Bridge was designed.  The status Panels by the turbolifts do blink however, so it's cool.

 - Late TNG Galaxy Bridge:  The 3rd Era Team
 - MVAM Maps added in this release: BSilver2988

If you put this on any bridge commander download websites, please credit me.  


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