Laurlin Station



being salvaged others being discarded.A few star-bases were taken over by civilian authorities and reconfigured for different uses ranging from ship and crew layovers to commercial ventures.This particular star-base was in use up until 2333 as a subspace relay station, during its decommissioning it was was stripped of most of its high yield ventral phasers internal mechanisms but rather than being fully dismantled it was handed over to a civilian asteroid mining firm, the last Starfleet officer in command at this station before being re-designated 'Laurlin Station' was Lt Jean-Luc Picard, he was given command during its decommissioning prior to his assignment on the USS Stargazer.Outfitted with low output impulse engines and high output SIF(structural integrity field) generators Laurlin Station is able to move between asteroid fields to carry out its mining duties.


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