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Hello. Thankyou for downloading this file. This file recolours the stock LCARS animation files, and computer panel files. I decided to ma...


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Hello. Thankyou for downloading this file. This file recolors the stock LCARS animation files, and computer panel files. I decided to make this file because all the other LCARS addons (including the stock files) use colors which arn't 'correct'. By that I mean that LCARS screens people make use colors like bright pink. I have also included a file showing all the proper LCARS colors, for sampling, and RGB color mixing. I hope everyone enjoys these LCARS screens. from me:

There are 2 additional screenshots in the zip file. The bridge area around the view screen has been improved, and I really like the situation monitor. Despite the fact that you probably never look at this stuff while playing quick battle or multi-player, it would be a great addition for the soverign in the missions where you spend alot of time using the bridge. He did a great job lining up the pannels, I don't see any obvious graphics bugs releating to things being off center or not level. Really nice looking consoles, all shinny and ready to explode and kill all those pesky redshirts. The instaling is clear and easy to understand, so no whinning about not being able to instal. It repalces the original soverign bridge skins.

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Download '' (1004KB)

Installation Instructions:
1.Backup your origional LCARS textures, incase you prefer the origionals- I doubt this!

2. Go to 'My Computer'> Local Disk (C:)> Program Files> Activision> Bridge Commander> data> Models> Sets> EBridge> High.

3.Open the and follow the path: data> Models> Sets> EBridge> High.

4.Copy all the TGA files in the 'High' folder, and place them in the folder at the end of the path in 'Instruction 2.' (your actual Bridge Commander folder).

5.Say 'Yes to all' to the message asking whether you want to replace your origional files.

6.You have now replaced the files!

These files have been tested in Single Player, Quick Battle, Multiplayer and with and without the latest patches for Bridge Commander.

Credits: Star Trek Bridge Commander (for creating the origional LCARS files, of which these are a rework)
Tim Burns (for creating Soveriegn Bridge Soft v4.0- it is this Bridge Retexture [minus the LCARS] in the Screenshots.)
Myself (Dante Robinson)

Enjoy this file! I may create more in the future, and I am thinking of relesing a Voyager Type 9 shuttle, with a bridge - if that is possible.


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