Wicked Zombies excelent version of the KA Lexington class.



U.S.S. Lexington - Lexington Class Command Cruiser (Based on design from Klingon Academy)

The Lexington class Command Cruiser is an offshoot of the Excelsior project and intended to bridge the gap between the Heavy Cruiser role of the Constitutions and the Battle Cruiser role of the Excelsiors. The Lexington has roughly the same armament and capabilities of her larger cousin and was brought into service for use in fleet actions and long range patrols, thus freeing the Excelsiors up for exploratory and major military duties.

The Lexington incorporates technology from not only the new Excelsiors but also the upgraded Constitution class and reflects these developments in her design, resembling a 'crossbreed' between the two other vessels. The Lexington is equipped with the latest and most advanced sensor technology, powerful impulse engines, and a warp drive capable of outrunning most heavy cruisers. In addition, the Lexington is outfitted with two forward mounted photon tubes, 1 aft mounted photon tube, sixteen phaser emitters, and strong shields for a ship of her size.

The Lexington, though mainly intended as a supplement to the Excelsior, has the potential to stay on active service in Starfleet well into the 24th century.


Mesh/Textures: WickedZombie45 ([email protected])

BC convertion/Hardpoint: Zambie Zan ([email protected])


Lexington Command Cruiser

12 phaser banks (in pairs) (2f/2fp/2fs/2p/2s/1a/1v)
3 photon launchers (2f/1a)
3 shuttles


The ship is ready to launch shuttles.

You'll need QBAutostart and Tech Framework to launch shuttles, so get them here:


  Zambie Zan


Demon Renegade Studios (http://www.nightsoftware.com/omega/drs/)

Model made/edited using: Lightwave 5.6, 3d Studio Max 3.1, Paint Shop Pro 7, Uview, Taldren's .mod plugin

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2.) If a ship is to be converted to another game (Bridge Commander, Armada, Klingon Academy, etc.) I prefer being notified of ANY alterations to my work as most times the credits are not listed properly, the ships aren't converted correctly, etc.

3.) If the ship is to be released to the public, no parts from a restricted model are to be used. Some modelers don't want their work to be altered and I would expect everyone to respect that. If there is a part or parts that are restricted, I can possibly create a replacement for you to use.

4.) If the ship is to be released to the public, I would ask that you contact me first. This is to make sure you have the proper credits listed and to make sure no restricted parts are being used. On some occasions people have credited me for work that I have never seen before.

5.) Please do not post these models on other websites (with the exception of mod and dynaverse downloads and conversions to other games). I prefer keeping my ships on a single site so I can better control their distribution and make sure the correct files are updated. I know this sounds rather strict but it becomes a bit tedious when trying to update a ship and having to contact dozens of other websites to inform them of the changes as well.

6.) If I grant permission for alterations to a single model, that is not to be interpreted as a base "Sure, do whatever you want" acknowledgment for further alterations/conversions/kitbashes/etc. to ANY OTHER SHIP that I have created. Approvals of alteration requests apply only to individual ships, NOT all of them at once unless otherwise stated in my response.

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